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Zamia acuminata Oerst. ex Dyer

ENGLISH : Nicaragua palm.

Zamia angustifolia Jacq.

FRENCH : Zamia des iles Bahamas.


According to some authors this would be a synonym of Zamia pumila L.

Zamia chigua Seem.

SYNONYM(S) : Palmifolium chigua Kuntze

FRENCH : Cycadale de Choco.

SPANISH : Chigua, Chigua de Choco (Colombia), Chigua de Chiriqui (Panama).

Zamia fischeri Miq.

JAPANESE : Usuba zamia.

Zamia floridana Miq.

JAPANESE : Furorida sotetsu, Furorida zamia, Hosoba zamia.

Zamia furfuracea L. f.

SYNONYM(S) : Palmifolium furfuraceum Kuntze, Zamia furfuracea Aiton, Zamia maritima xxx

JAPANESE : Hiroha zamia.

KOREAN : Mek si k'o so ch'eol.

SPANISH : Zamioculatas.


Zamia maritima is supposed to be the preferred name for this plant but it is not yet recorded on any of our reliable taxonomic reference sites, and no authority name has been found so far for that name. Help !

Zamia integrifolia L. f.

SYNONYM(S) : Zamia integrifolia Ait., Zamia media Jacq.

CHINESE : Quan yuan da su tie.

ENGLISH : Coontie (Seminole), Florida arrowroot, , Seminole bread (USA), Smooth zamia.

JAPANESE : Zamia integuriforia.


According to some authors this would be a synonym of Zamia pumila L.

Zamia latifolia Lodd.

SYNONYM(S) : Encephalartos latifolius Sweet, Zamia loddigesii Miq. var. latifolia J. Schust., Palmifolium latifolium Kuntze

Zamia loddigesii Miq.

JAPANESE : Nagaba zamia.

Zamia pumila L.

SYNONYM(S) : Zamia floridana A. DC.

ARABIC : Zâmyah.

CHINESE : Da su tie (as Z. floridana).

ENGLISH : Coontie (Seminole), Florida arrowroot, Florida zamia, Jamaica sago tree, Sago zamia, Seminole bread (USA).

FRENCH : Zamie, Zamier.

GERMAN : Zapfenpalmfarn.

ITALIAN : Zamia.

RUSSIAN : Zamiia.

TURKISH : Zamia.


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