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Zizania aquatica L.

SYNONYM(S) : Hydropyrum esculentum Link

CHINESE : Gu, Jiao sun (Sticky shoots), Mei zhou ye hei dao.

ENGLISH : Annual wild rice, Black rice, Canadian rice, Canadian wild rice, Eastern wild rice, Indian rice, Indian wild rice, Tuscarora rice, Water oats, Water rice, Wildrice, Wildrice stem, Wildrice grain, Wildrice inflorescence.

FRENCH : Avoine des marais, Avoine tuskaro, Manoomin (Chippewa name), Riz noir à grains longs, Riz sauvage, Riz sauvage américain, Tuskaro (Iroquois name), Zizanie aquatique.

JAPANESE : Amerika makomo, Wairudo raisu.

RUSSIAN : Kanadskii ris, Tsitsaniia vodianaia, Vodianoi ris.


Zizania aquatica L. 'Giant Wild Rice'

Zizania aquatica L. subsp. angustifolia (A.S. Hitchc.) Tzvelev

SYNONYM(S) : Zizania aquatica L. var. angustifolia A.S. Hitchc., Zizania palustris L. var. palustris


Zizania aquatica L. var. aquatica

SYNONYM(S) : Zizania aquatica L. var. subbrevis Boivin

FRENCH : Zizanie à fleurs blanches (Canada).

Zizania aquatica L. var. brevis Fassett

CHINESE : Duan gu.

ENGLISH : Estuarine wild rice.

FRENCH : Zizanie naine, Zizanie naine à fleurs blanches (Canada).


Zizania latifolia (Griseb.) Turcz. ex Stapf.

SYNONYM(S) : Hydropyrum latifolium Griseb., Zizania caduciflora Hand.- Mazz. nom. illeg., Zizania caduciflora (Turcz. ex Trin.) Hand-Mazz., Zizania latifolia (Griseb.) Stapf.

CHINESE : Jiao er cai (as Z. caduciflora), Gu, Jiao bai (Cantonese Gàau paak), Jiao sun (Cantonese Gàau séun or Kau sun), Jiao ye (Cantonese Gàau yihp), Gu mi (fruit).

ENGLISH : Chinese wild rice, Barbarian rice, Manchurian wild rice, Wild rice green shoots.

FRENCH : Riz sauvage de Mandchourie.

GERMAN : Wasserbambus.

JAPANESE : Makomo.

RUSSIAN : Dikii ris, Tsitsaniia shirokolistnaia.

THAI : Ka pek (Phuket), No mai nam (Bangkok).


Zizania palustris L.

ENGLISH : Northern wild rice (USA).

FRENCH : Zizanie des marais.

JAPANESE : Jizania barusutorisu.

RUSSIAN : Dikii ris.


Zizania palustris L. var. interior (Fassett) Dore

Zizania aquatica L. var. interior Fassett





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