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Zoysia japonica Steud.

SYNONYM(S) :    Osterdamia japonica (Steud.) Hitchc.,  Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. subsp. japonica (Steud.) Masam. & Yanagita, Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. japonica (Steud.) Sasaki, Zoysia pungens Franch. & Sav., non Willd.,  Zoysia pungens Willd. var.  japonica (Steud.) Hackel.

CHINESE :  结缕草   Jie lü cao,  结 缕草 (Taiwan).

ENGLISH :  Japanese lawngrass, Korean lawngrass.

GERMAN :  Zoysia- Gras.

GREEK :  Ζοïσσια   Zoissia , Ζωσσια   Zossia .

HEBREW :   זואיסיה יפנית    Zoysih yapanit.

JAPANESE :   シバ   Shiba.

KOREAN :  잔디, 들잔디.

RUSSIAN :   Цойсия японская  Tsoisiia iaponskaia. 

SPANISH :   Zoisia, Zoysia.

THAI :   หญ้าญี่ปุ่น  Ya yipun (Bangkok).

TURKISH :  Japon çim otu.

Zoysia macrantha Desv.

ENGLISH :  Australian zoysia, Prickly couch (Aust.)

Zoysia macrantha Desv. subsp. macrantha

Zoysia macrantha Desv. subsp. walshii Night.

SYNONYM(S) :    Zoysia matrella sensu J.H. Willis

ENGLISH :  Australian zoysia.

Zoysia macrostachya Franch. & Sav.

SYNONYM(S) :    Osterdamia macrostachya (Franch. & Sav.) Honda

CHINESE :   大穗结缕草 Da sui jie lü cao.

JAPANESE :   オニシバ  Oni shiba.

KOREAN :  왕잔디.

Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.

SYNONYM(S) :    Agrostis matrella L., Osterdamia matrella (L.) Kuntze, Osterdamia zoysia Honda, Zoysia pungens Willd., Zoysia tenuifolia auct.

CHINESE :  沟叶结缕草   Gou ye jie lü cao,   馬尼拉芝   (Taiwan).

ENGLISH :  Korean grass (UK), Manilla temple grass, Mascarene grass (USA), Siglap grass (Singapore), Temple grass.

FRENCH :  Chiendent-gazon.

GERMAN :  Zoysia-Gras.

HEBREW :    זואיסיה מנילאית   Zoysih manilit .

JAPANESE :  コウシュンシバ   Hari shiba.

KOREAN :  고려잔디, 금잔디, 고려잔디,  한국잔디,  韓國잔디.

MADURESE :  Rebha sekem-sekeman.

MALAY :  Jukut kakawatan hijau (Indonesia), Rumput siglap.

RUSSIAN :  Зойсия матрелла  Zoisiia matrella.

SPANISH :  Hierba manilla, Yerba de manilla.

SUNDANESE : Jukut kakawatan hijau .

TAGALOG :   Barit-baritan, Damong-alat.

THAI :   ง่วนน้อย  Nguan noi,  หญ้านวลน้อย   Ya nuan noi (Bangkok).

TURKISH :  Japon çimi (as var. or subsp. japonica).

VIETNAMESE :  Awaiting feedback.

OTHER(S) :  Burikit (Indonesia), Fathil, Fatil, Fetil, Malakuwerdas (Philippines), Siba (Palau Islands).

Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. matrella

SYNONYM(S) :  Osterdamia zoysia Honda  var. typica Honda , Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.  var. typica Sasaki

Basically all names applied to the species fit here.

Zoysia minima (Colenso) Zotov

ENGLISH :  Prickly couch (New Zealand).

Zoysia pacifica (Goudswaard) M. Hotta & Kuroki

SYNONYM(S) :    Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. pacifica (L.) Merr. Gouds.,  Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. pacifica Goudswaard, Zoysia tenuifolia auct.

CHINESE :  细叶结缕草   Xi ye jie lü cao.

ENGLISH :  Manilla grass.

Zoysia sinica Hance

SYNONYM(S) :    Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. macrantha Nakai ex Honda,   Zoysia sinica Hance subsp. nipponica (Ohwi) T. Koyama, Zoysia sinica Hance var. macrantha (Nakai ex Honda) Ohwi, Zoysia sinica Hance var. nipponica Ohwi.

CHINESE :  长花结缕草    Chang hua jie lü cao (as Z. sinica var. nipponica), 中华结缕草   Zhong hua jie lü cao.

JAPANESE :  コオニシバ   Ko oni shiba,  ナガミノオニシバ   Nagami no oni shiba (as Z. sinica var. nipponica).


Zoysia tenuifolia Willd. ex Thiele 

SYNONYM(S) :    Osterdamia tenuifolia Kuntze, Osterdamia zoysia Honda var. tenuifolia Honda, Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. tenuifolia (Willd. ex Thiele) Sasaki, Zoysia pungens Willd. var. tenuifolia Durand & Schinz

CHINESE :   细叶结缕草 Xi ye jie lü cao,  高 麗芝  (Taiwan).

ENGLISH :  Mascarene grass, Korean velvet grass.

JAPANESE :  コウライシバ   Kourai shiba.

KOREAN :  금잔디, 비로드잔디.

Цойсия тонколистная   Tsoisiia tonkolistnaia,  Зойсия тонколистная  Zoisiia tonkolistnaia.  

THAI :   หญ้ากำมะหยี่   Ya kammayi, Ya kao li, Ya mutkarin (Bangkok).

TURKISH :  Japon tapınak otu.

Sometimes considered as a synonym of  Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. but the strict synonym is Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. tenuifolia (Willd. ex Thiele) Sasaki. It seems that some authors (T. Smitinand, Prof. Yasue, etc) consider this as distinct enough from Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.



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