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Actinostrobus acuminatus Parl.
SYNONYM(S) :  Callitris acuminata (Parl.) F.Muell.
CATALAN :  Actinostrobus de Moore.
DUTCH :  Cypres pijnboom, Moore's cypres pijnboom.
ENGLISH :  Creeping pine, Dwarf cypress, Moore's cypress pine, Western Australian callitris.
GERMAN :  Kleine Schuppenzypresse, Schuppenzypresse.

Actinostrobus arenarius C.A. Gardner
SYNONYM(S) :  Actinostrobus psammophila Blackall & Grieve, nom. inval., nom. nud., Actinostrobus pyramidalis var. arenarius (Gardner) Silba
CATALAN :  Actinostrobus de Tammin.
ENGLISH :  Bruce cypress pine, Tamin cypress pine, Sand plain cypress.
GERMAN :  Große Schuppenzypresse.

Actinostrobus pyramidalis Miq.
SYNONYM(S) :  Callitris actinostrobus F.Muell., nom. illeg., Frenela actinostrobus (F.Muell.) F.Muell., nom. illeg.
CATALAN :  Actinostrobus del Swan River.
CHINESE :  西澳產珍 (Taiwan),  澳洲柏  (Taiwan).
ENGLISH :  King George's cypress pine, Swamp cypress, Swan River cypress, Western Australian swamp cypress.
GERMAN :  Salz-Schuppenzypresse.
SPANISH : Actinostobus.

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