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Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :

Athrotaxis cupressoides D.Don 
SYNONYM(S) :  Athrotaxis imbricata Maule ex Gord. Athrotaxis imbricata hort. ex Carrière, Cunninghamia cupressoides (D.Don) Siebold & Zucc.
CATALAN :  Atrotaxis cupresoide.
CHINESE :  光滑澳洲杉  Guang hua ao zhou shan, 密葉杉 Mi ye shan.
ENGLISH :  Cedar leaf pine, Little leaf athrotaxis, Pencil pine, Smooth athrotaxis, Smooth Tasmanian cedar, Tasmanian cedar, Tasmanian pencil pine.
FRENCH :  Athrotaxis faux-cyprès, Pin-cyprès de Tasmanie.
GERMAN :  Gezähnte Schuppenfichte, Zypressen-Schuppenfichte, Zypressenähnliche Schuppenfichte.
RUSSIAN :   Атротаксис кипарисо-видный  Atrotaksis kipariso-vidnyj,  Атротаксис кипарисовый  Atrotaksis kiparisovyj.
SPANISH :  Atrotaxis cupresoide, Cedro de Tasmania liso.

Athrotaxis laxifolia Hook.
SYNONYM(S) :  Athrotaxis doniana Henk. & Hochst.
CATALAN :  Atrotaxis de fulla laxa.
CHINESE :  疏葉杉  Shu ye shan  (Taiwan).
ENGLISH :  Loose-leaved Tasmanian cedar, Smooth Tasmanian cedar, Summit cedar, Tasmanian cedar, Yellow-twig athrotaxis.
FRENCH :  Athrotaxis à feuilles lâches, Cèdre de Tasmanie.
GERMAN :  Bastard-Schuppenfichte, Bebänderte Schuppenfichte.
RUSSIAN :   Атротаксис рыхлообелиственный  Atrotaksis rykhloobelstvennyj.
SPANISH :  Atrotaxis de hojas laxas.

Athrotaxis selaginoides D.Don 
SYNONYM(S) :  Athrotaxis alpina Van Houtte ex Gord., Athrotaxis gunneana Carrière, Cunninghamia selaginoides (D.Don) Siebold & Zucc.
CATALAN :  Atrotaxis selaginoide, Cedre de Tasmània, Pi del rei Guillem.
CHINESE :  珍稀塔斯馬尼亞雪松 (Taiwan).
ENGLISH :  King Billy pine,  King William pine.
FRENCH :  Athrotaxis fausse-sélaginelle, Cèdre du roi Guillaume.
GERMAN :  König-Wilhelm-Fichte, Sichelförmige Schuppenfichte, Schuppenfichte.
ITALIAN :  Pino del re Guglielmo.
RUSSIAN :  Атротаксис остистый  Atrotaksis ostistyj.
SPANISH :  Atrotaxis selaginoide, Pino del rey Guillermo.

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