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A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :

Falcatifolium angustum de Laub.
ENGLISH :  Narrow-leaved sickle pine.
GERMAN :  Küsten-Sicheleibe.

Falcatifolium falciforme (Parlatore) de Laub.
ENGLISH : Malaysian sickle pine, Malayan yew.
FRENCH :   Falcatifoliun de Malaisie.
GERMAN : Malayische Sicheleibe.
MALAY :  Iguh gawah, Kayu china.
RUSSIAN :  Фалькатифолиум серповидный.

Falcatifolium falciforme (Parlatore) de Laub. var. falciforme
SYNONYM(S) :  Dacrydium falciforme (Parlatore) Pilger.,  Nageia falciformis (Parl.) Kuntze,  Podocarpus falciformis Parl.
GERMAN : Malayische Sicheleibe, Gewöhnliche Malayische Sicheleibe.

Falcatifolium falciforme (Parlatore) de Laub. var. usan-apuensis de Laub. & Silba 
SYNONYM(S) :  Falcatifolium usan-apuensis (de Laub. & Silba) de Laub. & Silba
GERMAN :  Usan-Apua-Sicheleibe.

Falcatifolium gruezoi de Laub.
ENGLISH : Philippines sickle pine.
FRENCH :   Falcatifoliun des Philippines.
GERMAN :  Molukken-Sicheleibe.

Falcatifolium papuanum de Laub.
SYNONYM(S) :  Dacrydium papuanum (de Laub.) T.C. Whitmore
ENGLISH :  New Guinea sickle pine.
FRENCH :   Falcatifoliun de Nouvelle-Guinée, Falcatifoliun de Papouasie.
GERMAN :  Papua-Neuguinea-Sicheleibe

Falcatifolium sleumeri de Laub. & Silba 
ENGLISH :  Irian Jaya sickle pine.
FRENCH :  Falcatifoliun de Nouvelle-Guinée hollandaise, Falcatifoliun de Papouasie Occidentale
GERMAN :  Irian-Jaya-Sicheleibe, Sleumers Sicheleibe.

The names of this species and those of  F. papuanum are a little confusing and hard to differentiate, in part due to the changes of names in time, and also to the difficulties in pinpointing the endemic regions.

Falcatifolium taxoides (Brong. & Griseb.) de Laub.
SYNONYM(S) :  Dacrydium taxoides Brongn. & Grisb.,  Nageia taxoides (Brongn. & Grisb.) Kuntze,  Podocarpus taxodioides Carrière
ENGLISH : New Caledonia sickle pine, Yew-leaved sickle pine.
FRENCH :  Falcatifoliun de Nouvelle-Calédonie.
GERMAN :  Neukaledonische Sicheleibe.
RUSSIAN :  Фалькатифолиум тиссовидный.

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