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Glyptostrobus pensilis (Staunton ex D.Don) K.Koch
SYNONYM(S) :  Cuprespinnata heterophylla (Brongn.) J.Nelson, Cuprespinnata sinensis (J.Forbes) J.Nelson, Glyptostrobus aquaticus (Antoine) R.Parker, Glyptostrobus heterophyllus (Brongn.) Endl., Glyptostrobus lineatus auct., Glyptostrobus sinensis A.Henry ex Loder, Taxodium heterophyllum Brong., Taxodium japonicum (L.f.) Brongn. var. heterophyllum Brongn., Taxodium sinense J.Forbes, Thuja lineata Poir., Thuja pensilis Staunton ex D.Don, Sabina aquatica Antoine
CATALAN :  Xiprer dels pantans xinès.
CHINESE :  水松 Shui song.
ENGLISH :  Canton water pine, Canton swamp cypress, Chinese deciduous cypress, Chinese swamp cypress, Chinese water-fir, Chinese water-pine, Guangzhou swamp cypress.
FRENCH :  Cyprès chauve de Chine.
GERMAN :  Chinazypresse, Wasser-Fichte.
ITALIAN :  Cipresso cinese a foglie caduche.
JAPANESE :  スイショウ Suishou, 水松  Suishou.
NORWEGIAN :  Glyptostrobusslekten.
RUSSIAN :  Глиптостробус повислый.
SPANISH :  Ciprés chino de los pantanos, Glyptostrobus.
VIETNAMESE : Thông nuóc, Thuy tùng.

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