Sorting Halocarpus names

Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :

Halocarpus bidwillii (Hook.f. ex Kirk) C. J. Quinn
SYNONYM(S) :  Dacrydium bidwillii Kirk,  Dacrydium bidwillii Kirk var. reclinata Hook.f. ex T. Kirk
ENGLISH :   Bog pine, Mountain pine, New Zealand mountain pine, Tarwood.

Halocarpus biformis (Hooker) C. J. Quinn
SYNONYM(S) :  Dacrydium biforme (Hooker) Pilger, Dacrydium colensoi auct., Dacrydium colensoi Kirk, non Hook. f., Podocarpus biformis Hook.
ENGLISH :   Alpine tarwood, Pink pine, Yellow pine.

Halocarpus kirkii (F. Muell. ex Parl.) C. J. Quinn
SYNONYM(S) :  Dacrydium kirkii F. Mueller
ENGLISH :   Monoao (Maori - New Zealand).

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