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Keteleeria davidiana (Bertrand) Beissner 
SYNONYM(S) :    Abies davidiana (Bertrand) Franch.,  Keteleeria calcarea Cheng & Fu,  Pinus davidiana (Bertrand) McNab, Pinus sacra (Franch.) Voss, Podocarpus sutchuenensis Franchet, Pseudotsuga davidiana Bertrand
CHINESE :  铁坚油杉  Tie jian you shan.
ENGLISH :  Vietnamese keteleeria.
FRENCH :  Keteleeria du Vietnam.
JAPANESE :   テッケンユサン
VIETNAMESE :   Du sam Cao Bằng (as K. calcarea),  Du sam đá vôi, Du sam ñá vôi .

Keteleeria davidiana (Bertrand) Beissn. var. calcarea (W. C. Cheng & L. K. Fu) Silba
CHINESE :  黄枝油杉   Huang zhi you shan.

A synonym of Keteleeria davidiana (Bertrand) Beissn. var. davidiana.

Keteleeria davidiana (Bertrand) Beissner var. davidiana
SYNONYM(S) :  Abies sacra Franch., Keteleeria esquirolii Léveillé, Keteleeria pubescens Cheng & Fu, Keteleeria sacra (Franch.) Beissner, Pinus sacra (Franch.) Voss
CHINESE :  柔毛油杉   Rou mao you shan  (as K. pubescens).

Keteleeria davidiana (Bertrand) Beissner var. formosana (Hayata) Hayata
SYNONYM(S) :    Keteleeria formosana Hayata
CHINESE :  台湾油杉   Tai wan you shan.
FRENCH :  Keteleeria de Formose.
JAPANESE :  タイワンユサン  Taiwan yusan.

Keteleeria evelyniana Mast.
SYNONYM(S) :  Keteleeria delavayi Van Tieghem,  Keteleeria dopiana Flous, Keteleeria evelyniana Mast. var. pendula  J. R. Xue, Keteleeria hainanensis Chun & Tsiang, Keteleeria roulletii Flous
CHINESE :  云南油杉  Yun nan you shan, 海南油杉  Hai nan you shan (as K. hainanensis).
FRENCH :  Keteleeria de Chine.
LAOTIAN :  Awaiting feedback.
VIETNAMESE :  Du sam, May hinh.

Keteleeria fortunei (A. Murray) Carrière
SYNONYM(S) :  Abies fortunei A. Murray; Abietia fortunei Kent, Keteleeria cyclolepisKeteleeria oblonga Silba  
CHINESE :  油杉  You shan.
RUSSIAN :  Кетлеерия Форчуна   Ketleeriia Forchuna.

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