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Metasequoia disticha (Heer) Miki
SYNONYM(S) :  Sequoia disticha Heer
JAPANESE :  メタセコイア・ディスティカ   Metasekoia disutika.

Very possibly a synonym of Metasequoia occidentalis (Newberry) Chaney

Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & W.C. Cheng
SYNONYM(S) :  Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & W.C. Cheng var. caespitosa Y. H. Long & Y. Wu,  Sequoia glyptostroboides (Hu & W. C. Cheng) Weide.
ARMENIAN :  Մետասեքվոյա   Metaseqvoja.
CATALAN :  Metasequoia, Sequoia de la Xina.
CHINESE :  水杉  Shui shan.
CZECH :  Metasekvoje čínská.
DANISH :  Vandgran.
DUTCH :  Chinese schijncipres, Chinese sequoia, Watercipres.
ENGLISH :  China redwood, Chinese water fir, Dawn redwood, Metasequoia, Water fir, Water larch.
ESTONIAN :  Metasekvoia.
FINNISH :  Kiinanpunapuu.
FRENCH :  Métaséquoia, Métaséquoia de Chine, Métaséquoia du Sichuan, Séquoia de Chine, Séquoïa de Chine.
GERMAN :  Chinesisches Rotholz, Metasequoia, Metasequoie, Urweltmammutbaum, Wassertanne.
HUNGARIAN :  Szecsuáni osfenyo.
ITALIAN :  Metasequoia.
JAPANESE :  メタセコイア.
KOREAN :  메타세콰이아   Me-ta-se-kwa-i-a.
NORWEGIAN :  Metasequoiaslekten,  Urtreslekten.
POLISH :  Metasekwoja chińska.
PORTUGUESE :  Metasequóia.
RUSSIAN :  Метасеквойя глиптостробоидная.
SPANISH :  Falsa secuoya, Leño rojo oriental, Metasecoya, Metasecuoia, Metasecuoya, Metasequoia, Secuoya de hojas caedizas.
SWEDISH :  Kinesisk sekvoja.
TURKISH :  Su ladini.
VIETNAMESE :  Thủy sam.

Metasequoia honshuenensis Silba & Callahan
CHINESE :  本州水杉 Ben zhou shui shan.
ENGLISH :  Honshu Water larch, Japanese water larch.

Metasequoia occidentalis (Newberry) Chaney
SYNONYM(S) :  Metasequoia japonica (Endo) Miki

Listing this species and attempting to collect its synonyms may be regarded as a pointless exercise but just in case some Paleobotanists or related colleagues happen to consult this page here is what we found.
M. asiatica, M. chinensis, M. cuneata, M. disticha, M. europaea, M. japonica, M. kimurae, M. miocenica , M. nathorstii M. onukii, and M. papillapollenites are considered synonyms of this "fossil species". From my point of view I find it difficult to comprehend because no authority name could be found for any of them except two. Given that the "relatively newly discovered" M. honshuensis is from Japan I could easily foresee a taxonomist of the future placing M. japonica among the synonyms of M. honshuensis or vice versa. Information being still sparse on all these mostly fossil species we will carry on the general wisdom in 2010: that there is mostly one single living species in this genus Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & W.C. Cheng, with one aspiring Metasequoia honshuenensis Silba & Callahan, pending further studies and discoveries in the field.
Two other species M. foxii and M. milleri have been mentioned but again they do not carry any authority name and very little information about them is available.

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