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Pherosphaera fitzgeraldii (F.Muell.) F. Muell. ex Hook.f.
SYNONYM(S) : Pherosphaera fitzgeraldi Hook.f., orth. var., Microstrobos fitzgeraldii (F.Muell.) J.Garden & L.A.S.Johnson, Dacrydium fitzgeraldii F.Muell., Dacrydium fitzgeraldi F.Muell., orth. var.
ENGLISH :  Blue Mountain dwarf pine, Dwarf mountain pine.
GERMAN : Australischer Zwerg Bergkiefer.

Pherosphaera hookeriana W. Archer bis
SYNONYM(S) : Dacrydium hookerianum (W.Archer bis) Eichl., Microstrobos niphophilus J.Garden & L.A.S.Johnson, nom. inval., Microstrobus hookeriana (W.Archer bis) S.Arcang. & G.Del Fueyo, nom. illeg.

The names "Microstrobus hookeriana (W.Archer bis) S.Arcang. & G.Del Fueyo", "Pherosphaera hookeriana Hook.f." and "Pherosphaera niphophila (J.Garden & L.A.S.Johnson) Florin" used by some earlier authors, technically do not exist  (Brummitt et al., 2004)

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