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Pseudolarix amabilis (J. Nelson) Rehder
SYNONYM(S) :  Abies kaempferi Lindl.,  Chrysolarix amabilis (J. Nelson) H.E. Moore,  Laricopsis kaempferi (Lindl.) Kent,  Larix amabilis J. Nelson,  Pseudolarix fortunei Mayr,  Pseudolarix kaempferi auct., non Gordon,  Pseudolarix kaempferi Gordon,  Pseudolarix pourtetii Ferré
CHINESE :  金钱松   Jin qian song.
ENGLISH :  Chinese golden larch, False larch, Golden larch, Golden pine, Japanese larch.
GERMAN :  Goldlärche.
JAPANESE :  イヌカラマツ Inu kara matsu.
RUSSIAN :  Лжелиствинница кемпфера.
VIETNAMESE :  Thông rụng lá vàng.


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