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Retrophyllum comptonii  (Buchholz) C.N. Page
SYNONYM(S) :  Decussocarpus comptonii (J. Buchholz) de Laub., Nageia comptonii (J. Buchholz) de Laub., Podocarpus comptonii J. Buchholz 


 Retrophyllum minus (Carrière) C.N. Page
SYNONYM(S) :  Decussocarpus minor (Carrière) de Laub., Nageia minor Carrière, Podocarpus minor (Carrière) Parl., Podocarpus palustris Buchholz, Retrophyllum minor (Carrière) C.N. Page , orth. var.
FRENCH :  Bois bouchon.

Retrophyllum piresii (Silba) C.N. Page
SYNONYM(S) :  Decussocarpus piresii Silba,  Nageia piresii (Silba) de Laub.
ENGLISH : Brazilian podocarp.


Retrophyllum rospigliosii (Pilg.) C.N. Page 
SYNONYM(S) :  Decussocarpus rospigliosii (Pilg.) de Laub., Nageia rospigliosii (Pilg.) de Laub., Podocarpus rospigliosii Pilg.  
ENGLISH :  Colombian podocarp,   Peruvian podocarp,   Venezuelan podocarp.
Colombia), (Peru), (Venezuela).


Retrophyllum vitiense (Seem.) C.N. Page 
SYNONYM(S) :  Decussocarpus vitiensis (Seem.) de Laub., Nageia vitiensis (Seem.) Kuntze,  Podocarpus vitiensis Seem.
ENGLISH :  Fijian podocarp, Red podocarp.


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