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Sundacarpus amarus (Blume) C.N. Page
SYNONYM(S) :  Nageia amara (Blume) F.Muell., Nageia eurhyncha (Miq.) Kuntze, Podocarpus amarus Blume, Podocarpus dulcamarus Seem., Podocarpus eurhynchus Miq., Podocarpus pedunculatus Bailey, Prumnopitys amara (Blume) de Laub., Stachycarpus amarus (Blume) Gaussen
CHINESE :  苦味罗汉松.
ENGLISH :  Bitter-fruited podocarpus, Bittersweet podocarp, Black pine (Aust.), Indian podocarpus  (as Podocarpus amarus).
FRENCH :  Nageia à fruits aigre-doux, Podocarpe aux fruits doux-amer, Podocarpe de Sumatra.
GERMAN :  Rieseneibe.
ITALIAN :  Nageia agrodolce .
MALAY : Ki mèrak (Indonesia).   many more names !
PORTUGUESE : Nageia agridoce.

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