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×Taxodiomeria peizhongii Z. J. Ye et al.
(Taxodium mucronatum × Cryptomeria fortunei)
CHINESE :   东方杉  Dong fang shan.
ENGLISH :  Hybrid cryptomeria, Hybrid Japanese cedar.

A somewhat controversial taxon. See paper by Yan Ling , Wei-Feng Lu , Fan Lu  , Yu-Guo Wang , Jia-Kuan Chen and Wen-Ju Zhang -  Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering, Institute of Biodiversity Science, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China. Quotation from Abstract below:
"×Taxodiomeria peizhongii Z. J. Ye, J. J. Zhang et S. H. Pan was regarded as a new intergeneric hybrid between Taxodium mucronatum Tenore (as the female donor) and Cryptomeria fortunei Hooibrenk ex Otto et Dietr (as the male donor) ... Our results have demonstrated that C. fortunei did not provide any genome for Taxodiomeria peizhongii, implying that T. peizhongii is not an intergeneric hybrid between the two species. "

Reference for this taxon:

Yan Ling et al.
, 2010, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, Volume 48 Issue 4, Pages 468 - 472,  Published Online: 3 Apr 2006. Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. < > at Wiley InterScience online.

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