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Swietenia humilis Zucc.

SYNONYM(S) :  Swietenia bijuga Preuss. , Swietenia cirrhata S. F.Blake

CHINESE :  墨西哥桃花心木   Mo xi ge tao hua xin mu.

ENGLISH :  Pacific coast mahogany,  Pacific mahogany.

JAPANESE :   メキシコマホガニ-  Mekishiko mahoganii.

SPANISH :  Caoba, Caoba de Honduras, Caoba de la costa del Pacífico, Cóbano, Flor de venadillo, Gateado, Guayach, Mabu, Mova, Palo de zopilote,  Venadillo,  Zapatón, Zopilote.

Swietenia macrophylla King

SYNONYM(S) :  Swietenia belizensis Lundell, . Swietenia candollei Pittier,  Swietenia. krukovii Gleason, Swietenia tessmannii Harms

CHINESE :  大叶桃花心木    Da ye tao hua xin mu.

ENGLISH :  American mahogani, Baywood (GB), Bigleaf mahogany (USA), Broadleaf mahagony (USA), Honduras mahogany, Mahogany, Large-leaved mahogany.

FRENCH :   Acajou à feuille large, Acajou d'Amérique, Mahogany à grandes feuilles, Swiéténie.

GERMAN :  Amerikanisches Mahagoni, Echtes Mahagoni, Honduras-Mahagoni, Nicaragua-Mahagoni, Tabasco-Mahagoni.

JAPANESE :  オオバマホガニー  Ooba mahoganii.

PORTUGUESE :  Caóba  (Brazil), Mogno (Brazil).

SPANISH :  Aguano (Peru), Araputanga, Caoba (Central America), Caoba de Centro América, Caoba de hoja ancha , Caoba de Honduras, Caoba del Atlántico, Caoba del Sur , Cóbano, Crura (Bolivia), Gateado,  Mara  (Bolivia), Mara boliviana, Mogno, Mogu, Orura, Sapoton, Venadillo, Yulu (Nicaragua), Zapatón, Zopilote (Mexico).

Swietenia mahagoni (L.) Jacq.

SYNONYM(S) :   Cedrela mahagoni L.

CHINESE :   桃花心木   Tao hua xin mu.

ENGLISH :  American mahogany, Cuban mahogany, Jamaican mahagoni , Spanish mahogany, West Indian mahogany.

FRENCH :  Acajou d'Amérique, Acajou de Cuba, Acajou de Santo Domingo, Mahogany.

GERMAN :  Amerikanisches Mahagoni.

JAPANESE :   マホガニー  Mahoganii.

SPANISH :  Aguano, Caoba de Cuba, Caobilla, Chiculte, Coabillo, Cóbano, Gateado, Mogno, Orura.

Photograph of wood grain by Christian Rolland.



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