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Bactris caryotifolia Mart.

ENGLISH : Caryota-leaved peach palm.

FRENCH : Palmier pêche à feuilles de caryota.

Bactris gasipaes Kunth

SYNONYM(S) : Bactris gasipaes H.B.K., Guilielma speciosa Martius, Guilielma utilis Oersted, Guilielma chontaduro Triana, Guilielma gasipaes (HBK) L.H. Bailey, Guilielma gasipaes (Kunth) L. H. Bailey

CHINESE : Tao zong.

ENGLISH : Peach palm, Pewa nut (Trinidad).

FRENCH : Coeur de palmier, Palepi (French Guyana), Palmier parépou, Palmier pêche, Palmier pejibaye, Parépou (French Guyana).

GERMAN : Pfirsichpalme, Pfirsich-Palme.

MALAY : Pewa.

PORTUGUESE : Pupunha (Brazil).

SPANISH : Cachipay (Colombia), Chonta (Colombia), Chontaduro (Colombia), Chontaruro (Ecuador), Gachipaes (Venezuela), Masato, Pejibaye (Costa Rica), Pijiguao (Venezuela), Pijuayo (Peru).

Bactris gasipaes Kunth var. chichagui (H. Karst.) Andr. Hend.

SYNONYM(S) : Bactris macana (Mart.) Pittier, Bactris speciosa (Mart.) H. Karst. var. chichagui H. Karst, Guilielma macana Mart.

PORTUGUESE : Pupunha bravo (Brazil).

SPANISH : Chinamato (Colombia), Chontilla (Bolivia), Macanilla (Venezuela), Pijuayo del monte (Peru).

Bactris gasipaes Kunth var. gasipaes

SYNONYM(S) : Bactris utilis (Oerst.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Hemsl. , Guilielma gasipaes (Kunth) L. H. Bailey, Guilielma speciosa Mart., Guilielma utilis Oerst.

All names normally applied to the species suit this variety.

Bactris glandulosa xxx var. baileyana (H. E. Moore) G. de Nevers

SYNONYM(S) : Bactris baileyana H. E. Moore

Bactris granariuscarpa Barb. Rodr.

PORTUGUESE : Marajá rana (Brazil).

Bactris guineensis (L.) H. E. Moore

SYNONYM(S) : Cocos guineensis L.

ENGLISH : Tobago cane.

SPANISH : Biscoyol (Costa Rica), Corozo (Colombia), Coyolito (Nicaragua), Uvita (Venezuela), Uvita de monte (Panama).

Bactris major Jacq.

ENGLISH : Peach palm, Lata palm.

FRENCH : Zagrinette.

GERMAN : Grosse Bactris-Palme.


SPANISH : Corozo de gallina (Colombia), Cubarro (Venezuela), Huiscoyol (El Salvador, Guatemala), Jahuacté (Mexico), Marayáu (Bolivia), Moporo (Venezuela)

Bactris maraja Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Pyrenoglyphis maraja (Mart.) Burret

PORTUGUESE : Marajá açu (Brazil), Marajá assú (Brazil), Tucum bravo.

SPANISH : Chontilla (Bolivia, Colombia, Peru), Espina (Colombia), Neja, (Peru), Uva de montaña (Venezuela), Uvita (Panama).

Bactris piscatorum Wedd. ex Drude

ENGLISH : Bango palm.


SPANISH : Chacarrá (Colombia), Cubarro (Colombia), Caña negra (Venezuela), Nejilla (Peru).

Bactris piranga Trail.

PORTUGUESE : Marajá da Mata (Brazil), Maraja-piranja (Brazil), Palmeira maraja-piranga.

Bactris setosa Mart.

ENGLISH : Jucum palm.

PORTUGUESE : Jucúm, Tucum (Brazil).



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