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Borinda albocerea (Hsueh & T. P. Yi) Stapleton

SYNONYM(S) :   Fargesia albocerea Hsueh & T. P. Yi,  Fargesia pachyclada Hsueh & C. M. Hui

CHINESE :  片 马箭竹  Pian ma jian zhu.

ENGLISH : White wax borinda.

Borinda angustissima  (T. P. Yi) Stapleton

SYNONYM(S) :   Fargesia angustissima T. P. Yi

CHINESE :   油竹子  You zhu zi.

ENGLISH : Narrow-leaved borinda.

Photographs on Chris Stapleton's  Bamboo Identification site.

Borinda frigidis (T. P. Yi) Stapleton

SYNONYM(S) :  Fargesia alpina Hsueh & C. M. Hui, Fargesia frigidis T. P. Yi

CHINESE :  凋叶箭竹   Diao ye jian zhu.

The correct specific epithet for this species seems to be "frigidis", not "frigidorum".

Borinda frigidorum (T. P. Yi) Stapleton (GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Fargesia frigidorum T. P. Yi (GRIN)

The correct specific epithet for this species seems to be "frigidis", not "frigidorum" .

Borinda fungosa (T. P. Yi) Stapleton

SYNONYM(S) : Fargesia fungosa Yi (OHRN), Yushania fungosa (Yi) Demoly

CHINESE :  棉花竹   Mian hua zhu.

ENGLISH : Burgundy-red-culmed borinda.

FRENCH : Fargesia à chaumes pourpres.


Photograph by Jed Doty at Bamboo Garden, USA.

Borinda grossa (T. P. Yi) Stapleton (GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Fargesia grossa T. P. Yi (GRIN)

 CHINESE :  错 那箭竹  Cuo na jian zhu.

Borinda lushuiensis (Hsueh & T. P. Yi) Stapleton 

SYNONYM(S) :  Fargesia lushuiensis Yi

CHINESE :   泸 水箭竹   Lu shui jian zhu.

Photograph at Bamboo Graden Nursery.

Borinda papyrifera (T. P. Yi) C. M. A. Stapleton (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Fargesia papyrifera Yi (OHRN)

CHINESE :    云龙箭竹   Yun long jian zhu.

FRENCH : Bambou à papier de Chine, Bambou à papier de Yunnan.

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