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Caryota bacsonensis Magalon


Caryota cumingii Lodd. ex Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Caryota urens Blanco

CHINESE : Ken shi yu wei kui.

ENGLISH : Philippines fishtail palm

Caryota gigas W. J. Hahn ex D. R. Hodel

ENGLISH : Giant fishtail palm, Thai fishtail palm.

Caryota maxima Blume

ENGLISH : Giant mountain fishtail palm, Java fishtail palm.

MALAY : Rabuk gunung.

Caryota maxima Blume 'Himalaya'

ENGLISH : Himalaya fishtail palm , Mountain fishtail palm.

FRENCH : Palmier queue de poisson de l'Himalaya.

GERMAN : Himalaya-Fischschwanzpalme.

Caryota mitis Lour.

SYNONYM(S) : Caryota griffithii Becc. , Caryota sobolifera Wall. ex Mart.

ARABIC : Nakhlat câryôtâ.

CHINESE : Cong li kong que ye zi (Taiwan), Duan sui yu wei kui, Jiu ye zi.

ENGLISH : Burmese fishtail palm, Clustered fishtail palm, Tufted fishtail palm.

FRENCH : Caryote doux.

GERMAN : Fischschwanzpalme.

ITALIAN : Palma cariota

JAPANESE : Komochi kujaku yashi.

KOREAN : K'ae ri oh t'a ya cha.

MALAY : Dudar.

SPANISH : Palma cola de pescado (El Salvador).

THAI : .

Caryota monostachya Becc.

CHINESE : Dan sui yu wei kui.

Caryota no Becc.

ENGLISH : Borneo fishtail palm.

Caryota obtusa Griff.

CHINESE : Ju da shan di yu wei kui, Mu dong zong.

ENGLISH : Giant fishtail palm.

Caryota obtusa Griff. var. aequatorialis Becc.

THAI : .

Caryota ochlandra Hance

CHINESE : Chang sui yu wei kui, Yu wei kui.

ENGLISH : Common fishtail palm, Chinese fishtail palm, Fishtail palm.

FRENCH : Palmier queue de poisson.

GERMAN : Canton-Fischschwanzpalme.

NORWEGIAN : Fiskehalepalme.

THAI : Tao raang.

Caryota plumosa hort. ex Voll & Brade

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Caryota rumphiana Blume


Caryota rumphiana Mart.

ENGLISH : Albert palm.


Considered by IPNI as a synonym of C. urens L.

Caryota urens L.

BENGALI : Sopari.

CHINESE : Dong zong, Jiu yu wei kui, Kong que ye zi (Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Fishtail palm, Jaggary palm, Jaggery palm, Kitul palm, Kitul-tree, Sago palm, Solitary fishtail palm, Toddy palm, Wine palm.

FRENCH : Caryot brûlant, Palmier céleri, Palmier queue de poisson.

GERMAN : Brennpalme, Fischschwanzpalme, Kitulpalme, Ostindische Brennpalme.

HINDI : Mari.


SPANISH : Palmera de sagú.

TAMIL : Konda panna, Koondalpanai, Kundal panai, Thippali, Tippili.

THAI : .


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