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Costus afer Ker Gawl.

ENGLISH :  Spiral ginger.

GERMAN :  Spiralingwer.

Costus arabicus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Costus verschaffeltianus Lem.

GERMAN :  Arabische Kostus, Arabische Kostwurz.

Costus guanaiensis Rusby

ENGLISH :  Spiral ginger.

GERMAN :  Spiralingwer.

Costus lacerus Gagnep.

ENGLISH :  Ornamental ginger, Red costus.

GERMAN :  Roter costus.

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Costus lucanusianus J. Braun & K. Schum.

ENGLISH :  Ornamental ginger.

GERMAN :  Zieringwer

Costus malortieanus H. Wendl.

ENGLISH :   Spiral flag, Spiral ginger, Stepladder ginger, Velvet stepladder ginger
GERMAN :  Spiralingwer, Spiralkostwurz. 

Photograph of flower at Natural Selections Exotics.

Costus speciosus (J. König.) Sm.

SYNONYM(S) :  Banksea speciosa J. König , Tsiana speciosa J.F. Gmel.

ENGLISH : Crepe ginger, Malay ginger, Spiral ginger, Wild ginger.

FRENCH : Costus elegant.

GERMAN :  Kostus, Kostwurz, Kreppingwer, Pritge Kostwurz.

GUJARATI :  Pakarmula.

HINDI : Keukand.

KANNADA :  Changalkashta.


MALAYALAM : Koshtam.

MARATHI :  Pushkarmula.

SANSKRIT :  Pushkarmula, Kemuka, Kottam, Kustha, Shura.

SPANISH : Caña de la India, Oriunda de la India.

TAMIL : Kottam, Kostam, Kosthum.

TELUGU : Kostam.

VIETNAMESE : Cây cu chóc, Choc, Cat loi, Mia do. <- To be checked with Hô.


Costus spicatus (Jacq.) Sw.
SYNONYM(S) :  Alpinia spicata Jacq., Alpinia spicata Stokes, Amomum petiolatum Lam., Costus conicus Stokes, Costus cylindricus Jacq., Costus micranthus Gagnep., Costus quartus Roem. & Schult.

ENGLISH :  Indian-head ginger, Spiked spiral flag.

FRENCH : Amome velu pétiolé (Caribbean), Canne-congo (Créole - Caribbean), Canne-d'eau (Créole - Caribbean), Petit dégonflé (Créole - Caribbean).

PORTUGUESE :  Cana de macaco (Brazil), Cana do brejo (Brazil), Cana-roxa (Brazil), Cana roxa do brejo (Brazil), Flor-da-paixão (Brazil).

SPANISH :  Costos.

Costus spiralis Rosc.

ENGLISH :  Spiral ginger.

GERMAN :  Spiralingwer.


Costus tappenbeckianus J. Braun & K. Schum

ENGLISH :   Dwarf spiral ginger, Small spiral ginger.

Costus tonkinensis Gagnep.

FRENCH :  Costus du Tonkin.

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Ginger, Pineapple Ginger


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