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Indosasa angustata McClure (Wang)

CHINESE : Gui nan da jie zhu.

ENGLISH : Narrow sheath indosasa, Guinan indosasa.

Indosasa angustifolia W. T. Lin (OHRN)

ENGLISH : Narrow-leaved indosasa.

Indosasa crassiflora McClure (Bykov,Hô,Wang,Xie)

CHINESE : Da jie zhu, He xi zhu, Tian zhu huang (medicinal name).

ENGLISH : Swollen node indosasa.



Indosasa gibbosa (McClure) McClure (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Sinobambusa gibbosa McClure (Wang)

CHINESE : Da yan zhu, Xie tuo da jie zhu.


Considered by D. Ohrnberger as a synonym of Indosasa crassiflora McClure

Indosasa hispida McClure (Bykov,Wang)

CHINESE : Pu zhu zi.


Indosasa laotica (A. Camus) C. S. Chao & Renvoize (OHRN)

ENGLISH : Laotian indosasa.

FRENCH : Indosasa du Laos.

LAOTIAN : xxx.

Indosasa lipoensis C. D. Chu & K. M. Lan (OHRN)

CHINESE : Li bo da jie zhu.

Indosasa parvifolia C. S. Chao & Q. S. Dai (OHRN)

ENGLISH : Small-leaved indosasa.

Indosasa shibataeoides McClure (Wang)

CHINESE : Wo xing zhu, Bai zhu.

ENGLISH : Japanese indosasa, Shibatea-like indosasa.


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