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Inga affinis

PORTUGUESE : Ingá-do-brejo (Brazil).


Inga alba (Sw.) Willd.

SYNONYM(S) :   Mimosa alba Sw.

FRENCH : Bois pagode (French Guiana).

PORTUGUESE : Ingá-chi-chi (Brazil), Ingá-chi-chica (Brazil), Ingazeira.

SPANISH : Guama (Honduras), Shimbillo (Peru).


Inga bella M. Sousa (CTFS)

SPANISH :  Guabo (Panama), Guaba (Panama), Guaba de mono (Panama), Guabito cansa boca (Panama).


These names from Panama apply equally to I. marginata Willd. and  I. laurina (Sw.) Willd. and very likely to others not listed on this page (I. punctata Willd. for example). "Guaba de mono" /  "Guabo de mono" seems to be especially popular to describe a wide range of species.



Inga cinnamomea Spruce ex Benth

PORTUGUESE : Inga, Inga-açu (Amazon region), Ingá-assú (Amazon region).


Inga densiflora Benth.

SPANISH : Guabo (Costa Rica, Venezuela), Guamo (Costa Rica, Venezuela) .


Inga edulis Mart.

SYNONYM(S) :   Feuilleea edulis (Mart.) Kuntze, Inga conferta Benth., Inga vera Kunth,  Inga ynga (Vell.) J.W. Moore, Mimosa ynga Vell.

ENGLISH : Ice-cream bean.

FRENCH : "Pois ice-cream", Pois doux.

GERMAN : Essbare Inga, Inga-Früchte.

PORTUGUESE :  Anga (Brazil),  Ingá, Ingá-cipó (Amazon region), Ingá de macaco (Brazil), maIngá de metro (Brazil), Ingá macarrão (Brazil), Inga-rabo-de-mico (Brazil).

RUSSIAN :   Инга съедобная  Inga s'edobnaia, Стручок-мороженое  Struchok-moroxhenoe.

SPANISH : Chalahuite (Mexico), Chalaite, Cuajiniquil,  Guaba, Guaba de bejuco, Guama (Honduras), Guamo santafereño, Guamo San Antonio, Guava, Guava machete, Guavo-bejuco, Inga cipo, Jiniquil (Mexico), Pacae (Peru), Pacay (Peru).


Photographs of pods and seeds by Prof. W. P. Armstrong on his page
Economic Plant Photographs #26 - Vanilla Orchid, Ice Cream Bean, Hop Vine, Ginseng, Tonka Beans, Turmeric, Ginger & Parmentiera.
Photograph of seed (close-up) at Top


Inga feuillei DC.

SPANISH : Pacae (Peru), Pacay (Peru).


Inga goldmanii Pittier

PORTUGUESE : Guaba (Panama), Guaba de mono (Panama), Guabo colorado (Panama), Guabo pelu (Panama).



Inga heteroptera Benth.   

SPANISH : Guamo copero, Guamo lanoso, Guamo salado


Inga jinicuil G. Don

SYNONYM(S) : Feuilleea jinicuil (Cham. & Schldl.)Kuntze, Inga jinicuil Schldl.

SPANISH : Algodoncillo (Mexico), Bitzé (Mexico), Cojinicuil (Mexico), Cuajinicuil (Mexico), Jinicuil (Mexico), Paterno (El Salvador), Uajinikuile (Mexico).


Inga laurina (Sw.) Willd.

SYNONYM(S) : Inga fagifolia (L.) Willd. ex Benth.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá-chichi (Brazil).


Inga macrophylla Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá-péua (Amazon region).


Inga marginata Willd.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá-caixão (Brazil), Inga feijao (Brazil), Ingá-ferro (Brazil).

SPANISH : Guabo (Panama), Guaba (Panama), Guaba de mono (Panama), Guabito cansa boca (Panama), Guama del rio (Colombia), Inga, Inga mirim (Paraguay), Ingai (Paraguay), Guamo chinibo, Pacae (Bolivia), Pacay cola de mono (Bolivia), Shimbillo (Peru), Sarakusa (Guiana).


Inga oerstediana Benth.

ENGLISH : Coffee-shade tree.

SPANISH : Guamo macho.


Inga pilosula (Rich.) J. F. Macbr.

SYNONYM(S) : Inga setifera DC.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá dos indios (Amazon region).

Inga ruiziana G. Don

PORTUGUESE : Gumo (Brazil).

SPANISH : Gumo (Nicaragua, Peru).


Inga spectabilis (Vahl) Willd.

SYNONYM(S) : Mimosa spectabilis Vahl, Feuilleea spectabilis  (Vahl) Kuntze , Inga fulgens (Labill.) Kunth, Inga lucida Kunth, Inga smithii Britton & Killip

ENGLISH :  Ice cream bean.

SPANISH :  Guabo, Guaba machete (Costa Rica), Guaba de mono, Guabito cansa boca (Panama), Guamá gigante, Guamá machete, Guamo macheto, Guamo Rabo de mico.


Inga striata Benth.

SYNONYM(S) : Inga nuda Salzm. ex Benth.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá, Ingá-feijão.

SPANISH : Pacae, Pacay.


Inga vera Willd.

SPANISH : Acontope (Mexico), Agotope (Mexico), Amayani (Mexico), Candelillo (Panama), Chalahuite (Mexico), Chinanteca (Mexico), Cola de zorro (Mexico), Guaba, Guabito (Panama), Guabo de mono (Panama), Guabo pelú (Panama), Guama, Jacanicuil (Mexico), Jinicuile (Mexico), Iqui (Mexico).

Inga vera Willd. subsp. affinis (DC.) T. D. Penn.

SYNONYM(S) : Inga uruguensis Hook. & Arn.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá, Ingá-banana (Brazil), Ingá-de-quatro-quinas (Brazil), Ingá-do-brejo (Brazil). Ingazeiro.

SPANISH : Inga'i (Paraguay), Inga guasu (Paraguay).



Inga spp.

PORTUGUESE : Ingá-miúdo.

SPANISH : Chalum (Guatemala, Mexico), Pacae (Amazon region), Paca shimbillo (Amazon region), Puca shimbillo (Amazon region), Shimbillo (Amazon region), Shimbillo de agua (Amazon region), Shimbillo de fraile (Amazon region), Shimbillo de mono (Amazon region).


Names like many on these pages are non-specific. Those above are particularly vague. They tend to come from Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and / or possibly other countries. All that is certain is that they are Latin American or Spanish in nature.





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