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Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc.

CHINESE : Zhai ye shan nai.

ENGLISH : Narrow-leaf peacock ginger (USA), Narrow-leaved peacock ginger.

Kaempferia angustifolia Roxb.

ENGLISH : India resurrection lily.

Kaempferia candida Wall.

CHINESE : Bai hua shan nai.

ENGLISH : White-flowered resurrection lily.

Kaempferia elegans (Wall.) Baker

CHINESE : Zi hua shan nai.

ENGLISH : Green ripple peacock ginger, Purple-flowered resurrection lily.

RUSSIAN : Kempferiia iziashchnaia.


Kaempferia galanga L.

CHINESE : Shan nai, Sha jiang.

ENGLISH : Common resurrection lily, Lesser galangal.

HINDI : Chandramula.

GERMAN : Kleiner Galgant.

MALAY : Chekur.

RUSSIAN : Kempferiya galanga.

THAI : Proh hom.


Kaempferia galanga L. var. latifolia (Donn) Gagnep. -> Kaempferia latifolia Donn

Kaempferia gilbertii W. Bull.

SYNONYM(S) : Kaempferia gilberti hort.

Kaempferia latifolia Donn

SYNONYM(S) : Kaempferia galanga L. var. latifolia (Donn) Gagnep.

CHINESE : Da ye shan nai.

ENGLISH : Large-leaved resurrection lily..

Kaempferia ovalifolia Roxb.

ENGLISH : Oval-leaved resurrection lily.

Kaempferia rotunda L.

CHINESE : Hai nan san qi.

ENGLISH : Hainan resurrection lily, Tropical crocus


I am confused - HELP! is the autority for this name Jacq. ? or L. ? or both ? See also Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf.

Kaempferia sikkimensis King ex Baker

CHINESE : Xi jin shan nai.

ENGLISH : Sikkim resurrection lily.

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