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Litchi chinensis Sonn.

SYNONYM(S) :    Litchi litchi Britt., Nephelium litchi Camb., Nephelium litchi Cambess., nom. illeg.

BURMESE : Kyet mouk, Lam yai, Lin chi.

CHINESE :    荔枝   Li zhi (Li chi),   荔枝果  Li zhi guo.

DANISH :  Kinesisk blomme, Litchiblomme.

DUTCH :  Lychee.

ENGLISH : Chinese cherry, Leechee, Lichee, Litchi, Lychee.

FRENCH : Cerisier de Chine, Letchi (Réunion), Litchi, Litchi de Chine, Litchie, Litchier, Pied de letchi (Réunion), Quenepe chinois (Haiti).

GERMAN : Litschi, Litschipflaume, Litschibaum.

GREEK :  Λίτσι  Litsi .

HEBREW :     פרי קוצני      .

JAPANESE :  レイシ  Reishi,   荔枝   Reishi, レイシの果実.

KHMER : Kuléén.

KOREAN :  여지 .

LAOTIAN : Ngèèw.

MALAY : Kalengkeng (Indonesia), Kelengkang, Laici, Lici (Indonesia), Litsi (Indonesia) Klengkeng (Indonesia), Mengkuris (Borneo).

PORTUGUESE : Lechia, Lichia, Litchia.

RUSSIAN :   Личи китайская   Lichi kitaiskaia, Личи личи  Lichi lichi,   Личи китайское  Lichi kitaiskoe,  Лиджи китайское  Lidzhi kitaiskoe,  Нефелиум Nefelium,  Нефелиум личи Nefelium lichi.  

SPANISH : Lechia.

SWEDISH :  Kinesiska plommon, Litchiplommon.

TAGALOG : Alupag-amo, Letsias, Licheas.

THAI :   ลิ้นจี่  Linchi (Lin cii, Lin cee), ลิ้นจี่ป่า   Lin chi pa,  สีรามัน  Si raman (See raaman),  สีรามันขาว  Si raman khao.

VIETNAMESE :  Cây vải , Giống vải,  Ngan xanh, Quả vải , Tu hú, Vải.


Litchi chinensis Sonn. subsp. chinensis

SYNONYM(S) :   Dimocarpus litchi Lour., Litchi sinense J. Gmelin

Most names applied to the species fit here. The above  botanical synonyms are applied to the species by some authors.

Litchi chinensis Sonn. subsp. javanensis Leenh.

SYNONYM(S) : Litchi chinensis Sonn. f. glomeriflora Radlk., Litchi chinensis Sonn. var. glomeriflora xxx


Litchi chinensis Sonn. subsp. philippinensis (Radlk.) Leenh.

SYNONYM(S) : Dimocarpus didyma Radlk. nom. illeg., Euphoria didyma Blanco, Litchi philippinensis Radlk.

TAGALOG : Alupag, Alupag-amo, Halupag, Magluson.

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