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Nephelium chryseum Blume

SYNONYM(S) : Nephelium lappaceum L. var. topengii (Merr.) How & Po ?

CHINESE : Shao zi (shao tzu), Mao li zhi.

ENGLISH : Golden-yellow rambutan.

FRENCH : Litchi chevelu doré, Ramboutanier à fruit doré.

KOREAN : Awaiting feedback.

MALAY : Rambutan gading.

Nephelium cuspidatum Blume
เงาะป่า  Kor pa (ngór-bpàa).

Could this be
Pometia pinnata J. R. Forst. & G. Forst. f. cuspidata (Blume) Jacobs ?

Nephelium cuspidatum Blume var. eriopetalum (Mig.) Leenh.

MALAY : Lotong.

Nephelium cuspidatum Blume var. ophiodes (Radlk.) Leenh.

MALAY : Sanggul lotong.

Nephelium glabrum Noronha

MALAY : Redan.

Nephelium hypoleucum Kurz

THAI :  คอแลน.

Nephelium lappaceum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Dimocarpus crinita Lour., Euphoria nephelium Poir., nom. illeg.

CHINESE : Hong mao dan.

DUTCH : Ramboetan.

ENGLISH : Hairy lychee, Rambutan.

FRENCH : Litchi chevelu, Ramboutan, Ramboutanier.

HINDI : Ramboostan.

ITALIAN : Nefelio.

JAPANESE : Ranbuutan.

KHMER : Chle sao mao, Saaw maaw, Ser mon.

KOREAN : Ram bu t'an.

MALAY : Rambutan, Rambutan jantan.

RUSSIAN : Rambutan.

SPANISH : Rambután.

TAGALOG : Rambutan, Usan.

THAI :  เงาะ  Ngoh (Ngor), Phruan.

VIETNAMESE : Chômchôm, Vai thiêù.

Nephelium lappaceum L. var. lappaceum

SYNONYM(S) : Nephelium glabrum Noronha, Euphoria glabra Blume

All common names of species above could possibly apply to this variety. In Malay however there is a different name for almost each "synonyms" of this variety. The taxonomy needs to be looked at closely and then Malay and other names can be better matched.

Nephelium lappaceum L. var. pallens (Hiern) Leenh

SYNONYM(S) : Nephelium mutabile Blume var. pallens Hiern

Nephelium lappaceum L. var. xanthioides ( Radlk.) Leenh

SYNONYM(S) : Nephelium xanthioides Radlk.

Nephelium maingayi Hiern

THAI :  เงาะป่า.

Nephelium melanomiscum Radlk.

ENGLISH : Melajan.

MALAY : Melanjan (Brunei, Borneo).

Nephelium melliferum Gagnep.

THAI :  คอแลน.

Nephelium ramboutan-ake (Labill.) Leenh.

SYNONYM(S) : Litchi ramboutan-ake Labill., Nephelium mutabile Blume

DUTCH : Kapoelasan.

ENGLISH : Pulasan.

JAPANESE : Purasan.

KOREAN : Awaiting feedback.

MALAY : Pulasan, Rambutan kafri, Rambutan paroh.

TAGALOG : Bulala

Nephelium topengii (Merr.) H. S. Lo

SYNONYM(S) : Nephelium lappaceum L. var. topengii (Merr.) F. C. How & C. N. Ho, Xerospermum topengii Merr.

CHINESE : Hai nan shao zi, Lung li.

ENGLISH : Hainan rambutan.



The taxonomy above needs to be checked a lot more before we can match more common names. We need to do more home work on this not so well documented genus. The basic problem at present is that few of our favourite references agree fully with each other. Time is what is required for the taxonomists to sort the botanical names first. We will re-visit this page in the future.


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