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Melocalamus compactiflorus (Kurz) Benth. (OHRN,PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Dinochloa compactiflora McClure (Bykov), Dinochloa compactiflora (Kurz) McClure (OHRN) , Melocalamus compactiflorus Benth. (Bykov,Wang), Melocalamus compactiflorus Benth. & Hook. (Hô) , Pseudostachyum compactiflorum Kurz (OHRN) , Pseudostachyum glomeriflorum Kurz, ined. (OHRN)

BENGALI : Lata bans, Lota bans.

BURMESE : Kale o (Karen), Nachin wa, Usawi (Kachin), Wa nwe, Wa nwe kok.

CHINESE : Li teng zhu (as Melocalamus), Mi hua teng zhu (as Dinochloa).

ENGLISH : Bangladesh scrambling bamboo, Climbing pear bamboo, Tight-flowered melocalamus, Tight-flowered scrambling bamboo.

FRENCH : Bambou tropical à fleur compressée.

HINDI : Sairil.

RUSSIAN : Melocalamus skuchennotsvetkobyi, Dinokhloa plotnotsvetkovaya.

THAI : Lai mong, Mai lai mong, Phai hang chang, Mai hang chang.


Melocalamus elevatissimus C.J. Hsueh & C.M. Hui

ENGLISH : Tibetan scrambling bamboo.

FRENCH : Melocalamus grimpant du Tibet.

Melocalamus fimbriatus C.J. Hsueh & C.M. Hui

FRENCH : Melocalamus de Chine.

Melocalamus gracilis R.B. Majumdar (IPNI,OHRN)

ENGLISH : India slender bamboo.

FRENCH : Melocalamus fluet de l'Inde.

Melocalamus gracilis W.T. Lin (IPNI,OHRN) -> Melocalamus ningmingensis D. Ohrnberger

Melocalamus indicus R.B. Majumdar (OHRN)

FRENCH : Melocalamus de l'Inde.

Melocalamus maclellandii (Munro) H.B. Naithani (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa maclellandii Munro (IPNI)


Possibly Dinochloa macclellandii (Munro) Kurz although D. Ohrnberger does not mention Melocalamus as a synonym, and the specific epithet of Bambusa is spelt with 2 "c".

Melocalamus mastersii (Munro) R.B. Majumdar (IPNI,OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa mastersii Munro, Dinochloa mastersii (Munro) Camus.

ASSAMESE : Benti bans.

ENGLISH : Assamese scrambling bamboo.


Melocalamus ningmingensis D. Ohrnberger (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Melocalamus gracilis W.T. Lin (IPNI)

FRENCH : Melocalamus fluet de Chine.


Melocalamus scandens C.J. Hsueh & C.M. Hui (IPNI)

FRENCH : Melocalamus grimpant de Chine.

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Sometimes this "grass" is not considered as a "real bamboo".

Melocalamus maclellandii (Munro) H.B. Naithani (syn. : Bambusa maclellandii Munro) is possibly Dinochloa macclellandii (Munro) Kurz although D. Ohrnberger does not mention Melocalamus as a synonym, and the specific epithet of Bambusa is spelt with 2 "c" in Ohrnberger's nomenclature.




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