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Dinochloa alata McClure


Dinochloa compactiflora McClure (Bykov) -> Melocalamus compactiflorus (Kurz) Benth. (OHRN,PROSEA)

Dinochloa diffusa (Blanco) Merrill (OHRN) -> Schizostachyum diffusum (Blanco) Merrill (Masman,OHRN)

Dinochloa macclellandii (Munro) Kurz (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa macclellandii Munro (OHRN), Bambusa maclellandii Munro (IPNI) , Dinochloa macclellandi Kurz (IPNI)


Dinochloa malayana S. Dransfield (IPNI)

Information needed.

Photograph by E. Haverfield at Tropical Bamboos.

Dinochloa orenuda McClure (Bykov,OHRN,Wang)

CHINESE : Wu er teng zhu, Teng zhu.

ENGLISH : Earless scrambling bamboo, Earless dinochloa.


Dinochloa puberula McClure (Wang) -> Neohouzeaua puberula (McClure) T.H. Wen (IPNI)

Dinochloa scandens (Blume) Kuntze (GRIN,OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa scandens Kuntze (GRIN) , Bambusa scandens Blume (PROSEA) , Dinochloa tjankorreh (Schultes) Büse (PROSEA) , Nastus tjankorreh Schultes (Masman,PROSEA)

ENGLISH : West-Java climbing bamboo.

MALAY : Pring kadalan (Java, Indonesia).

SUNDANESE : Cankoreh.

Dinochloa sublaevigata S. Dransf. (OHRN,PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Sabah climbing bamboo, Sabah scrambling bamboo.

MALAY : Buloh wadan (Sabah).

Dinochloa trichogona S. Dransf. (OHRN,PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Borneo climbing bamboo, Borneo scrambling bamboo.

MALAY : Buloh wadan (Sabah).

Dinochloa utilis McClure (Bykov,OHRN,Wang)

CHINESE : Teng zhu, Zhi jiang teng zhu, Zhi jiang teng zhu.

ENGLISH : Common scrambling bamboo.


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