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Paspalum compressum Raf.

ENGLISH : Carpet grass, Savanna grass , Savannah grass.

FRENCH : Herbe des Jésuites.

SPANISH : Pasto chato, Zacate amargo.

Paspalum conjugatum P. J. Bergius

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum ciliatifolium Trin.

CHINESE : Liang er cao, Cha zi cao, Shuang sui que bai.

ENGLISH : Buffalo grass, Carabao grass, Hilograss, Sour grass, Sour paspalum.

FRENCH : Herbe sure, Herbe créole.

JAPANESE : Ogasawara suzume no hie.

PORTUGUESE : Capim-azedo (Brazil), Capim de marreco (Brazil), Capim-forquilha (Brazil), Capim-gordo (Brazil), Grama-papuã (Brazil) , Capim-marreca (Brazil), Capim-roxo (Brazil), Capim-tó (Brazil), Capirapó (Brazil), Grama-doce, Grama-forquilha (Brazil).

SPANISH : Cambute, Pasto amargo, Pasto horquilla.

Paspalum dilatatum Poir.

CHINESE : Mao hua que bai.

DANISH : Hirse.

ENGLISH : Dallis grass, Water grass, Large water grass.

FRENCH : Herbe de Dallis, Millet bâtard, Paspale dilaté (Belgium).

GERMAN : Dallisgras.

ITALIAN : Paspalo dilatato.

JAPANESE : Shima suzume no hie.

SPANISH : Grama de agua, Hierba dallis, Hierba de Australia, Grama de agua, Pasto miel (Argentina), Pasto dallis, Zacate dallis (Mexico).


Paspalum distichum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum paspalodes (Michx.) Scribn. , Digitaria paspalodes Michx.

CHINESE : Shuang sui que bai, Liang er cao.

ENGLISH : Creeping perennial joint grass, Couch paspalum, Eternity grass, Ginger grass, Knotgrass, Mercer grass, Seaside millet, Thompson grass.

GERMAN : Knotgras.

ITALIAN: Paspalo distico.

JAPANESE : Kishuu suzume no hie.

PORTUGUESE : Graminhao, Grama de Joanópolis.

SPANISH : Grama de agua, Grama colorada, Gramilla blanca, Hierba de zanjas, Pasto dulce.

Paspalum distichum L. var. indutum Shinners

JAPANESE : Chikugo suzume no hie.

Paspalum elephantipes xxx

SPANISH : Camalote.

Paspalum fluitans Kunth

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum natans Le Conte

ENGLISH : Water paspalum, Horsetail paspalum.

FRENCH : Herbe duvet.

GERMAN : Flutende Futterhirse.

SPANISH : Camalote, Nudillo acuatico, Trenza acuatica.

Paspalum longifolium Roxb.

CHINESE : Chang ye que bai.

ENGLISH : Long-leaved paspalum.

JAPANESE : Nagaba suzume no hie.

Paspalum notatum Flüggé

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum notatum Fluegge, Paspalum distachyon Willd.ex Doell.

DANISH : Bahiagræs.

ENGLISH : Bahia grass, .

FRENCH : Herbe de Bahia.

GERMAN : Bahiagras.

ITALIAN : Erba di Bahia.

JAPANESE : Amerika suzume no hie, Bahia garusu, Kyuushu suzume no hie ?

SPANISH : Cañamazo, Grama dulce, Gramilla blanca, Hierba de Bahia, Jengibrillo, Pasto Bahia, Pasto horqueta, Zacate bahia (Mexico).

Paspalum notatum Flüggé var. saurae Parodi

JAPANESE : Oni suzume no hie

Paspalum paniculatum L.

ENGLISH : Galmarra grass, Russell River grass (Aust.).

JAPANESE : Kogome suzume no hie.

Paspalum plicatulum Michx.

CHINESE : Zong zi que bai.

ENGLISH : Brown-seeded paspalum.

SPANISH : Yerba de cepa (Cuba).

Paspalum polyphyllum Nees

CHINESE : Duo ye que bai.

Paspalum racemosum Lam.

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum stoloniferum Bosc

ENGLISH : Peruvian paspalum.

SPANISH : Grama, Nudillo.

Paspalum scrobiculatum L.

SYNONYM(S) : xxxx xxxx xxxx

CHINESE : Ya na cao.

ENGLISH : Scorbic (Aust.), Creeping paspalum, Indian paspalum, Kodo millet, Water couch, Koda millet.

FRENCH : Herbe à épée.

GERMAN : Kodohirse, Koda-Hirse.

HINDI : Kodo, Kodra.

SPANISH : Mijo koda.

TAMIL : Varagu.

Paspalum scrobiculatum L. var. bispicatum Hack.

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum commersonii Lam., Paspalum scrobiculatum L. var. commersonii (Lam.) Stapf, Paspalum scrobiculatum L. var. polystachyum (R. Br.) Stapf

Paspalum scrobiculatum L. var. orbiculare (G. Forst.) Hack.

SYNONYM(S) : Paspalum orbiculare G. Forst.

CHINESE : Yuan guo que bai.

ENGLISH : Ditch millet.

JAPANESE : Suzume no hie.

Paspalum thunbergii Kunth ex Steud.

CHINESE : Que bai.

ENGLISH : Japanese paspalum.

JAPANESE : Suzume no hie.

Paspalum urvillei Steud.

ENGLISH : Vasey grass, Vaseygrass, Vasey paspalum.

FRENCH : Paspalum d'Urville.

ITALIAN : Paspalo eretto.

JAPANESE : Tachi suzume no hie.

POLISH : Wlóc Urvilla.

Paspalum vaginatum Sw.

ENGLISH : Saltwater couch (Aust.), Biscuit grass, Seashore paspalum, Silt grass.

JAPANESE : Sawa suzume no hie

Paspalum virgatum L.

ENGLISH : Clyde road grass (Aust.), Upright paspalum, Water couch.

SPANISH : Camalote blanco (Latin America), Marciega.




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