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Salsola collina Pall.

SYNONYM(S) :  Salsola kali L. subsp. collina (Pall.) Bolòs & Vigo

CHINESE :  猪毛菜  Zhu mao cai.

ENGLISH :  Tumbleweed.

GERMAN :  Hügel-Salzkraut.

RUSSIAN :  Солянка холмовая  Solianka kholmovaia.

Salsola imbricata Forssk.

SYNONYM(S) :  Salsola foetida Del. ex Spreng.

FRENCH :  Salsola du golfe d'Arabie.

TELUGU : Ella kura.

Salsola jordanicola Eig.

JAPANESE :   サルソーラヨルダニコーラ    Sarusoora yorudanikoora.

Salsola kali L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Salsola iberica Sennen & Pau, Salsola kali L. var. pseudo-tragus Beck, Salsola rosacea sensu Cav.

ARABIC :  Hhurd, Shawk ahhmar.

DUTCH :  Kalikruid.

ENGLISH :  Common saltwort, Prickly Russian thistle, Prickly saltwort, Russian thistle.

FINNISH :  Otakilokki.

FRENCH :  Soude couchée, Soude kali.

GERMAN :  Geflügeltes Salzkraut (as S. rosacea), Kali-Salzkraut, Kalikraut, Sodapflanze.

GREEK :  Αλμυρίδι ,  Σαλσόλα το κάλι.

ITALIAN :  Bacicci, Erba cali, Cali, Capelli del diavolo, Roscano.

JAPANESE :    ノハラヒジキ  Nohara hijiki.

PORTUGUESE :  Barrilha-espinhosa, Barrilheira, Barrilleira, Barrilheira-espinhosa, Cardo-da-Rússia (Brazil), Corredor-de-estepe (Brazil), Gramata,  Soda,  Soda-espinhosa,  Trago-espinhoso.

SPANISH :  Abrojos, Almajo de los jaboneros, Barella, Barella pinchosa, Barrella, Barrella borda, Barrella espinosa, Barrella punchosa, Barrila borde, Barrila pinchosa, Caramillo, Cardo ruso (Argentina), Correcaminos, Espantabrujas, Espantamulas, Espinadella, Espinardo, Espinardos, Hierba de cristal, Hierba del jabon, Mata pinchosa, Pincho barrillero, Salicor borde, Salicor de la Mancha, Salsora.

RUSSIAN :   Солянка калийная  Solianka kaliinaia,  Солянка русская Solianka russkaia.

SWEDISH :  Sodaört.

TURKISH :  Çorak, Dikenli çuğen, Üşnan.

Salsola kali L. subsp. kali 

Salsola komarovii  Iljin

SYNONYM(S) :  Salsola soda sensu auct. Japon., non L.

CHINESE :  无翅猪毛菜   Wu chi zhu mao cai.

ENGLISH :  Hill hijiki,  Japanese saltwort, Land seaweed, Seaweed on land, Seaweed mustard *.

FRENCH :  Salsola du Japon.

JAPANESE :  ミルナ  Miruna,   オ カヒジキ   Oka hijiki, おかひじき Oka hijiki.

RUSSIAN :  Солянка Комарова  Solianka Komarova.

Photographs at Miyakyo University, Japan.
Photograph (in the beautiful Japanese style) at Tokita Seeds.

Salsola soda  L.

CHINESE : 苏打猪毛菜   Su da zhu mao cai.

ENGLISH : Opposite leaved saltwort, Oppositeleaf Russian thistle, Barilla plant.

FRENCH :  Soude commune.

GERMAN :  Langblättriges Salzkraut.

ITALIAN :  Barba di Frate*, Agretti roscana, Liscari sativa, Roscano, Riscolo.

PORTUGUESE :  Barrilha,  Barrilheira-maior,  Soda, Soda-maior.

RUSSIAN :  Солянка содоносная  Solianka sodonosnaia (Soljanka sodonosnaja).

SPANISH :  Barella, Barrilla.

Photographs  by Luigi Rignanese & Joe di Tomaso at  CalPhotos Database.

Salsola tragus L.

SYNONYM(S) :   Salsola australis R. Br., Salsola iberica auct., Salsola kali auct. w. N. Amer., Salsola kali L. subsp. iberica (Sennen & Pau) Rilke, Salsola kali L. subsp. ruthenica (Iljin) Soó, Salsola kali L. var. tenuifolia Tausch, Salsola kali L. subsp. tragus (L.) Nyman, Salsola pestifer A. Nelson, Salsola ruthenica Iljin, Salsola tragus L. subsp. iberica Sennen & Pau

CHINESE :  刺沙蓬   Ci sha peng.

ENGLISH :  Russian tumbleweed, Russian-cactus, Russian-thistle, Spineless saltwort, Tumbleweed.

FRENCH :  Soude épineuse,  Soude roulante.

GERMAN :  Glattes Salzkraut, Ukraine Salzkraut.

JAPANESE :  ハリヒジキ   Hari hijikii.

RUSSIAN :  Солянка трагус  Solianka tragus,  Солянка южная  Solianka (as S. australis), Солянка русская   Solianka russkaia (as S. ruthenica).

SPANISH :  Rodadora (Mexico).

URDU :  Jághun (Pakistan), Kalbahi (Pakistan), Soreh (Pakistan).

Salsola vermiculata L.

ENGLISH :  Damascus saltwort, Mediterranean saltwort, Wormleaf salsola.

GERMAN :  Kleiblättriges Salzkraut.


* Not to be confused with the Chicory "Barba di Frate Cappuccino".

Excellent gallery of photographs of Salsola soda (soude commune) from Bouches du Rhône region of France. From Banque de données Botaniques et Ecologiques, Universite Aix-Marseille, France. Retrieved November 30, 2006.

The Japanese name Hijiki or Hiziki refers to a true "edible seaweed" or brown algae Hizikia fusiformis (Harvey) Okamura. Hence the botanical name Hizikia after the Japanese Hijiki. Similar looking coastal plants have been exploited for the same purpose. Not sure why the Japanese seed company Kitazawa calls the "land form" "Seaweed mustard". See photo here. One of the reason the land plants are preferred is that the seaweed may accumulate dangerous levels of arsenic and possibly other pollutans. see [PDF]  Food Safety Update - Newsletter 23 (February 2005)


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