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Department of Agriculture and Food Systems in the Melbourne School of Land and Environment (2008) at The University of Melbourne.

(Formerly known as University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture (1995), Institute of Land and Food Resources (1997), Faculty of Land & Food Resources (2005), School of Agriculture and Food Systems.


Michel H. Porcher  - Honorary Fellow.
Assisted by many casual volunteers.

Project researched and compiled

Searchable World Wide Web Multilingual Multiscripted Plant Name Database

An element of a distributed database showcase

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  All species and cultivars  records  grouped per genus

Example:  Sorting names within genus Salix     07/13   *

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Example:   සිංහල  

Example:   Bamboos
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for the
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What you may wish to know before you start browsing the M.M.P.N.D.
The above mentioned indexes can be entry points to the site but they are basically working tools for our compiler(s). They can also help visitors (botanically minded or not) to get a genus name  matching "any" (that we have entered) common name. For quicker, simpler, more precise searches  please use the new beautiful  search engine provided by Google on the University server.

* Unicode-enabled browser required to view all data on those files. Best viewed with PC  from Windows 2000 onward with Internet Explorer 5.00 or later version, or Mozilla Firefox.

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