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Gnetum africanum Welw. (Wang) (Earl)

CHINESE :     Gang guo mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : African gnetum.

FRENCH : Gnetum d'Afrique, Gnetum d'Afrique à feuilles comestibles.

AFRICAN LANGUAGES : Afang (Ibibio- Nigeria), Eru (Cameroon), Fumbwa (Kikongo - Congo), M'Fumbua (Angola), Fumbua   (Angola), Koko (Angola,  Gabon), Mfumbwa (Kikongo - Congo), Nkumu (Nfang -Libreville - Gabon), Okok (Fang - Cameroon), Ukasi (Igbo -Nigeria).

Gnetum arboreum Foxworthy

FRENCH : Gnetum de Luzon, Gnetum des Philippines.


Gnetum buchholzianum Engl. (Earl) (Wang)

CHINESE :     Ka mai long mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : African gnetum.

FRENCH : Gnetum du Cameroon, Gnetum d'Afrique à feuilles comestibles.

AFRICAN LANGUAGES : Afang (Ibibio - Nigeria), Eru (Cameroon), Koko (Angola, CAR, Gabon), Nkumu (Nfang - Libreville - Gabon), Okok (Fang - Cameroon), Ukasi (Igbo - Nigeria).

 Gnetum catasphaericum H. Shao

CHINESE :  球子买麻藤   Qiu zi mai ma ten.

Gnetum cuspidatum Blume (Earl) (Wang) (Smit)

CHINESE :   Ji jian mai ma teng.

THAI :  เมื่อย Mueai, เมื่อยดำ  Mueai dam.

Gnetum diminutum Markgr. (Wang)

CHINESE :   Jia li man dan mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Kalimantan jointfir.

Gnetum giganteum H. Shao

CHINESE :  巨子买麻藤    Ju zi mai ma teng.

RUSSIAN :  Гнетум гигантский.

Gnetum gnemon L. (Mansf) (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum acutum Miq. (Mansf), Gnetum vinosum Elm. (Mansf)

ASSAMESE : Ganemoe (Mansf), Genemo (Mansf).

BURMESE :  Hyinbyin, Tanyin-ywe.

CHINESE :  灌状买 麻藤  Guan zhuang mai ma teng,    Xian zhou mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Gnemon tree, Joint-fir spinach, Melinjo nut, Tulip (PNG.), Spanish joint-fir (USA).

FRENCH : Feuilles de gnetum, Gnetum à feuilles comestibles.

KHMER : Voë khlaèt (Mansf).

MALAY : Bago (Java) (Mansf), Belinjau (Mansf), Belinjo (Indonesia), Daun melinjo (edible leaves), Emping melinjo* (Indonesia), Melinjo (Indonesia) (Mansf), Meninjau.

RUSSIAN :  Гнетум гнемон.

TAGALOG : Bago (FAO) .

THAI :  ปี แซ   Peesae.

VIETNAMESE : Bét (Mansf), Gâm cây (Mansf).


* The Indonesian word "emping" means "chip" or "cracker". Sometimes foreigners apply the names "Melinjo" (correct name for this species) and "Emping melinjo" to the "plant" as well as to a derived product (chips) made from the fruit of melinjo.


Gnetum gnemon L. var. gnemon (Mansf) (Smit)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum gnemon L. var. domesticum Markgraf (Mansf)

ENGLISH : Gnetum leaves, Gnetum seeds, Gnetum fruit.

THAI : Miang.

Gnetum gnemon L. var. ovalifolium (Poir.) Blume (Mansf)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum gnemon Parl. (Mansf), Gnetum ovalifolium Poir. (Mansf), Gnetum silvestris Brogn. (Mansf)


Gnetum gnemon L. var. tenerum Markgr.
THAI :  ผักกะเหรี่ยง.

Gnetum gnemonoides Brongniart  (Earl) (Wang)

CHINESE :    Ma lai xi ya mai ma teng.
RUSSIAN :  Гнетум гнемоновидный.

Gnetum gracilipes C. Y. Cheng

CHINESE :  细柄买麻藤   Xi bing mai ma teng .


Gnetum hainanense Cheng (Earl) (Wang)

CHINESE :  海南买麻藤  Hai nan mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Hainan gnetum.

FRENCH : Gnetum de Chine.

Gnetum indicum (Lour.) Merr.
RUSSIAN :  Гнетум индийский.

Gnetum latifolium Blume (Wang) (Earl)

CHINESE :     Kuan ye mai ma teng.

Gnetum latifolium Blume var. funiculare (Blume) Markgr. (Smit) (GRIN) (W3Trop)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum edule (Willd.) Blume (W3Trop), Gnetum funiculare Blume (GRIN)

THAI :  มะม่วย Ma muai,  มะหน่วย  Ma nuai, ม่วยขาว.

Gnetum leptostachyum Blume (Earl) (Wang) (Smit)

CHINESE :   Xi sui mai ma teng.

THAI : Mueai lueai.

Gnetum leyboldii Tulasne (BDG) (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) :  Gnetum paraense Huber (BDG)

CHINESE : Ya ma xun mai ma teng.

PORTUGUESE : Ituá (Brazil).

SPANISH : Liana del Amazonas.

Gnetum luofuense C. Y. Cheng 

CHINESE :  罗浮买麻藤   Luo fu mai ma teng,  羅浮買麻藤  Luo fu mai ma teng (Hong Kong).

Gnetum macrostachyum Hook f. (Earl) (Wang) (Smit)

CHINESE : Da sui mai ma teng.

THAI :   ม่วย Muai เมื่อย Mueai, เมื่อยดูก  Mueai duk เมื่อยเลือด  Mueai lueat.

Gnetum microcarpum Blume (Smit) (Wang)

CHINESE : Xiao zi mai ma teng.

THAI :  เมื่อย   Mueai nok.

Gnetum montanum Markgr. (Smit) (Wang)

CHINESE :  买麻藤 Mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Common jointfir.

RUSSIAN :  Гнетум горный.

THAI :    มะม่วย  Ma muai (Chiang Mai),  มะเมื่อย   Ma mueai (Chiang Mai),  ม่วย  Muai, เมื่อย   Mueai.

Gnetum montanum Markgr. f. megalocarpum Markgr.

CHINESE :  大子买麻藤   Da zi mai ma teng.

Gnetum neglectum Blume

FRENCH : Gnetum de Borneo de l 'Est.

Gnetum nodiflorum Brongn. (Earl) (BDG) (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum amazonicum Tulasne (BDG), Gnetum cruzianum Gleason (BDG), Gnetum oblongifolium Huber (BDG)

CHINESE : Ba xi mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Amazonian jointfir, Brazil jointfir.

PORTUGUESE : Ituá (Brazil).

SPANISH : Liana del Amazonas.

Gnetum oblongum Markgr. (Wang)

CHINESE : Ju yuan ye mai ma teng.

Gnetum oxycarpum Ridley

FRENCH : Gnetum des iles Mentawi, Gnetum de Sumatra.

Gnetum paniculatum Spruce ex Bentham (BDG) (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum microstachyum Bentham ex Tulasne (BDG)

CHINESE : Ge lun bi ya mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Brazil jointfir, Colombian jointfir.

FRENCH : Gnetum de Colombie.

PORTUGUESE : Ituá (Brazil).

SPANISH : Liana del Amazonas.

Gnetum parvifolium (Warb.) W. C. Cheng   (Wang)
SYNONYM(S) :  Gnetum indicum (Lour.) Merr.  f. parvifolium (Warb.) Masamune,  Gnetum montanum Markgraf  f. parvifolium (Warb.) Markgraf., Gnetum parvifolium (Warb.) C. Y. Cheng ex Chun, Gnetum scandens Roxb. var. parvifolium Warburg.,
CHINESE :   小叶买麻藤   Xiao ye mai ma teng,  小 葉買麻藤  Xiao ye mai ma teng (Hong Kong).
ENGLISH : Small-leaved jointfir.

Gnetum pendulum C. Y. Cheng (Wang) SYNONYM(S) :  Gnetum montanum Markgraf  f. megalocarpum Markgraf;  Gnetum pendulum f. subsessile C. Y. Cheng.
垂 子买麻藤   Chui zi mai ma teng.

Gnetum schwackeanum Taub. ex Markgr. (BDG)

ENGLISH : Amazonian jointfir, Venezuelan jointfir.

PORTUGUESE : Ituá (Brazil).

SPANISH : Liana del Amazonas.

Gnetum ridleyi Gamble (Earl)

FRENCH : Gnetum de Pahang, Gnetum de Malaisie.

Gnetum tenuifolium Ridley (Earl) (Wang) (Smit)

CHINESE :    Bao ye mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Thin-leaved jointfir.

THAI :   เมื่อย   Mueai nok.

Gnetum ula Brongn. (Earl) (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum edule (Willd.) Blume, Thoa edulis Willd. (W3Trop)

CHINESE :     Yin du mai ma teng.

ENGLISH : Gnemon tree (India), India jointfir.

HINDI : Awaiting feedback.

MARATHI : Kumbal (Goa).

Gnetum urens (Aubl.) Blume (BDG)

SYNONYM(S) : Gnetum leyboldii Tulasne var. woodsonianum Markgr. (Earl) (BDG) (W3Trop) , Gnetum melinonii Benoist (BDG), Gnetum thoa Brongn. (BDG), Thoa urens Aubl. (BDG)

FRENCH : Thoa piquant (French Guiana).

Gnetum venosum Spruce ex Bentham (W3Trop) (Wang)

CHINESE :   Da zi mai ma teng.

PORTUGUESE : Ituá (Brazil).

Gnetum vinosum Elmer (W3Trop) -> Gnetum gnemon L. var. gnemon (W3Trop)

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