On-line Bibliographical Resources

Groups of plants
Links to photographs or information on specific plants or cultivars are provided within the
multilingual lists of names


Aquatic plants

Centre for Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plants, University of Florida. < >

Asian crops

NSW Agriculture, Asian Fruits & Vegetables. Descriptions with some names other than English, average to good photographs and some commercial data. Well presented site.

University of Central Queensland, Plant Science Group's Dictionary . Each name is linked to a rather comprehensive set of data.

ACCE$$ to A$IAN VEGETABLE$ Thesaurus. Sets of names (romanised) and photograph, one for each of the most common Asian vegetables found in Australia. Provided by the Institute for Horticultural Development, Victoria, Australia.


See set of links in internal file "Sorting the names of Bamboos"


Variétés par Espèces (Citrus varieties of the world, classified per species), links to photos, descriptions, lists of synonyms etc. The most comprehensive site of this type for Citrus (French language mainly).

Citrus -Gärtnerei. A bi-lingual nursery site by Bernhard Voss worth visiting. Wonderful collection of good photographs of modern hybrid and old favourite cultivars (among other things). Pages either in German or in English.

Citrus Growers. Mike Saafelds' pages dedicated to Citrus. Cover both common and unusual varieties / cultivars. Beautifully illustrated with high quality photographs. Well presented, with lots of interesting tit bits.

Cucurbits (Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Gourds, Melons etc.)

The Cucurbit Network - Plant Family Cucurbitaceae. In their list of interesting links you'll find practically everything you need to know about any plant of the cucurbit family. < >. If however names are what you seek we are still the leading source. If you do not find what you were seeking on our pages, please tell us.

Famine / Survival crops

Famine Foods by Robert Freedman, NewCROP, Purdue University, USA. Index.

Forage / Fodder crops

Forage information Systems, Oregon State University, USA. Common and botanical names as well as cultivar names. Links to pictures are also provided. Covers some legumes, some cover crops and some weeds. Crop-Net (Crop Protection Website). An indexed source of information.

University of California SAREP Online Cover Crop Database. Collection of datasheets and well presented sets of photographs for each species.

FAO Tropical Feeds database. Includes any plant used in any way to feed animals. Searchable indexes of botanical and common names.



Fruits of Thailand. Short lists of Thai (romanised), English & Latin names by Pramuan Satarath et al. (Editorial Board), Crop Promotion Division, Tweesackdi Sesaweech et al. (Advisory Board), Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Linked to average quality photos and lists of cultivars.

Fruits and Vegetables Encyclopedia. CIAI (Cyber Institute of Agricultural Informatic). Japanese fonts required. Shodouka can be used if available, or Silas S. Brown's "ACCESS-J" will also translate the Japanese scripts into gifs. Copy the following URL, open Access-J., paste URL into window, replacing the standing "http:// " already in that window, and hit "Go" et voilà. < >

Fruits cultivars

International Fruit Varieties Database. By Jacques de Siebenthal and Peter Himmel. Covers the main types of European fruits. Thousands of cultivar names and their synonyms, the nurseries handling them and more.

Heritage Fruits Group, 1998, Permaculture Melbourne Inc. Australia. They keep records of cultivars for most fruits grown in South Eastern Australia. Start from the general index.


Indexes of edible fungi in Latin, French and Dutch compiled by Luc Delmulle provided by NAREDI (Federation Belge de l'Industrie et du Commerce des Produits Naturels, de Réforme et de Diététique.

See set of links in internal file "Sorting the names of Fungi"


I have been holding on this link for too long. Given that my Allium pages are not progressing fast enough here it is at last Le Garlic Site par excellence, complete with glamour photos (Penthouse style) of just about every imaginable type of garlic, many cultivars for each type. Descriptions, cultural and culinary tips, all delivered with plenty of good humour. Enjoy "Gourmet Garlic Gardens" < >.


The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary by Anthony J. Hawkins. Has sections on different groups of varieties. Includes cultivar synonyms and descriptions.

Vitigni An excellent Italien site offered by the Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, Società Cooperativa s.r.l. 33090 Rauscedo (PN) Italia. Not limited to Italien wines but a good reference for them. Each name (recognized in any language) in the index is linked to a thumbnail photo of the grape and a description in Italian. The thumbnail photo is itself linked to a larger high quality colour photo.

Vitis Vinifera by Stephane Vuillard. A comprehensive bilingual (French - English) site dedicated to wines and grapevines. Includes a bilingual glossary of technical terms, a lot of background on French wines and grapevine cultivars and a lot more. Not limited to French cultivars.


Common and botanical names of some grasses (including some weeds) provided by Ampac Seed Company, USA.

Healthy plants

Indexes in Latin, French and Dutch of plants safe to use, and a short list of "not-so-safe" plants ( including fungi) compiled by Luc Delmulle provided by NAREDI (Federation Belge de l'Industrie et du Commerce des Produits Naturels, de Réforme et de Diététique.

Heirloom cultivars

This is a mega list of links called Seedsaving and Seedsavers' Resources compiled by Ute Bohnsack, webmistress, an Irish site part of the Friends of the Garden Ring.


I.L.D.I.S. International Legume Database & Information Service. WWW search form. Image collection (Paintings and line drawings)

I.P.G.R.D. Illustrated Legume Genetic Resources Database part of the Illustrated Plant Genetic Resources Database in Japan. All pages in both English and in Japanese (special software required or use "Shodouka"). Mostly on Vigna and a few other edible species but remarquably well illustrated and documented in two languages. < >


Medicinal plants / herbs

Kippewa Gardens' The Gatherer, Plant Use Multiple Database Search Engine. Much time can be save by using this search engine. Several queries are done at once. Several databases (including GRIN) and a couple of web search engines are spanned at once. Appears to concentrate on herbs and medicinal plants.

Base de Dados de Plantas Medicinais. Portuguese (Brazil) names of medicinal plants.

Liber Herbarum II, 1999, by Erik Gotfredsen. A site basically dedicated to herbal medicine refreshingly (but unfair in this case) called "The Incomplete Reference-Guide to Herbal Medicine". Mostly in three languages but names of plants in Danish, English, German, Latin, Norwegian and Swedish (indexes provided in each of those languages). < >.

Most economical plants

Global Plant & Pest Information System (GPPIS). Mainly a huge resource on plant pests but the database contains a lot of names, botanical names and botanical synonyms. Search form of plant information section. Hosted by FAO.

USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN). [Online Database] National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland. Available: (1999). Search engine.

NewCROP, Purdue University , USA. Good for general background on specific plants, especially the articles by Julia Morton which contain descriptions of cultivars with some useful linguistic details.

Plants for a Future, A Resource and Information Centre for Edible and other useful plants < >. A collection of rather comprehensive data for most economical plants, linked to many significant sites. Main database in United Kingdom with mirrors in USA and Australia.

FAO , Plant Production and Protection Division - AGP, Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service. Searchable World List of Seed Sources.


Olive germplasm on-line. Search engine. 1,200 olive cultivars described, classified by country. An enormous amount of information on olives from all over the world.

Ornamental trees

Site dedicated to the management of trees near powerlines. From the State of Minnesota, USA. Index of botanical names.


Plantamerica Database, PLANT-LINK. A URL searching tool spanning 8 of the best known general search engines, such as Alta Vista, for plant related web sites. You initiate one search - you get 8 sets of results in the same amount of time it would take for 1. Most useful when a botanical name is typed in the form presented. Unfortunately the system is not world wide but tends to be limited to America.


Catalog of Pyrus cultivars of the world from Catalogs of Collections Maintained at NCGR-Corvallis, USA.


Bederski Stefan, 1998, Peruvian Ají Descriptions, Thomas J. Payne Market Development.

Caselton Graeme, 1998, Chile Pepper Varieties,

Caselton Graeme, 1998, Chile Peppers, List of common names and synonyms (35 languages).

Caselton Graeme, 1998, Capsicum Varieties Database. A scientifically-based site specialised in peppers. The most comprehensive listing of pepper cultivars (mostly American) on the www in1998.

Mike Bowers 1996 - 1998, Chile - Heads. A site specialised in peppers. Includes a photo gallery, useful links to culinary tips, etc.



The Virtual Palm Encyclopedia is a rich source of information provided by the Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida, USA. Includes common names, botanical names and many high quality photographs. <>


HSCA (Heritage Seed Curator's Australia) for a list of cultivars in Australia.

USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN). [Online Database] National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland. Available: (1999). Search engine (for a world taxonomic reference enter "Solanum tuberosum" in little window and press return).


Coming soon another huge database related to rice by a branch of FAO. Watch this page. .... Meanwhile ...

RiceWeb, A compendium of Facts and Figures from the World of Rice, Produced by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines, in association with the West Africa Rice Development Association (WARDA), Cote d'Ivoire, and the Centro Internacional Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Colombia. Has a useful comprehensive glossary but I could not find any name (cultivar or variety) is there any on the site ? A register of cultivars including patented varieties would be very useful. < >


Dan Eisenreich's The Rhubarb Compendium.

Small fruits

Small fruits cultivar names from Catalogs of Collections Maintained at NCGR-Corvallis, USA.

A la Découverte du Monde des Petits Fruits , Fruitenbec, a Canadian producer's site covering rather comprehensively currants, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries etc. Text in French.


Alphabetical Index of Spices of the world on Gernot Katzer's Spice Dictionary. "Head and shoulders" above all other sites on the topic of spices. Particularly well designed site. Contains thousands of romanised names and links to more specialised sites. I prefer to start from his "Botanical Index" but he warns that this is mainly for the botanically minded, not recommended to others.

Le Dictionnaire des Épices < >. Not in the league of Gernot's site but lists some French names not found anywhere else which show some light on French nomenclature.

Trees / Timbers / Wood

Elmia Woods' Forest Dictionary in 5 languages (English, Finnish, French, German, Latin, Swedish) < >

Raintree's Tropical Plant Database, 1996 - 1999, by Ms. Leslie Taylor, Raintree Nutrition, Inc., Austin, Texas, USA. Accessed by either common name index or botanical name index. Site specialised in medicinal plants. < >

Woods of the World 1997, Common Names by Tree Talk Inc. In many languages. < >

See also our files on bamboos.

Tropical plants

Albion College, Michigan USA. Beautiful collection of colour photographs. General index classified by botanical family.

Kostya's collection of Tropical Fruit links which lead to various pages around the world containing photos and descriptions. Index contains Latin names, text in Russian (requires Russian font).

Diethelm Travel's Database, Thailand. Thai Tropical Fruits. Names in Latin, romanised Thai and German. Photos, Descriptions.

Tropical Fruits. < > Part of image collection " Aghort 100 " Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, B.Y.U. Provo, UT, USA.



Cheklist of the Vascular Plants of Finland ( based on Kurtto, A. & Lahti, T. 1987: Suomen putkilokasvien luettelo (Checklist of the vascular plants of Finland). - Pamphl. Bot. Mus. Univ. Helsinki 11: I.-VI + 1-163. - erroneous records of the 1987 list have not been corrected). Part II: Aristolochiaceae to Rosaceae <>, Part III: Fabaceae to Cichoriaceae <>

A Guide to Common Vegetables. A site presented by the Singapore Science Centre providing some Asian names (Mandarin - romanised, Cantonese - romanised, Hokkien - romanised, Malay and Tamil - romanised), photographs and descriptions (in English).

Fruits and Vegetables Encyclopedia. Japanese fonts required. Shodouka can be used if available, or Silas S. Brown's "ACCESS-J" will also translate the Japanese scripts into gifs. Copy the following URL, open Access-J., paste URL into window, replacing the standing "http:// " already in that window, and hit "Go" et voilà. < > (in Japanese)

Vegetables cultivars

The Heritage Seed Curators Australia (HSCA), among many other things, compile lists of cultivars available in Australia for most vegetables. The Garden Seed Inventory is a long term project spanning many years. The aim of the project is to record all past and present cultivars of value.


Invaders Database System, University of Montana, USA. A sophisticated searchable database. Can be queried by name or US area or from a map.

World Weed Database, Oxford Forestry Institute UK. (based on A Geographical Atlas of World Weeds by L. Holm et al. 1979) covers almost 2500 species. Perhaps one day it will be searchable on line.

Agriculture Western Auastralia's WEED SCIENCE - Sandy Lloyd's Links Page. A fairly comprehensive list of various resources related to weeds, including sources of photos (and free slides), sources of books etc. (set one full day aside to explore all the WWW sites mentioned).

Rod Randall's Weed List. Agriculture Western Auastralia. Not particularly well presented nor easy to read but easy to use. A comprehensive listing of between 15 000 and 20 000 species. Includes botanical names and English common names.

Photo Herbarium, Weed Science Society of America. A source of JPEGs for educational purposes.

E.W.R.S. European Weed Research Society / Europäische Gesellschaft für Herbologie / Société Européenne de Malherbologie. When I last visited in Aug. 99 there were very few links I could exploite or contribute to. Let's give this organisation time to develop resources similar to the equivalent American organisation.

Fiches Descriptives des Mauvaises Herbes du Québec, Centre ARICO, Direction des Services Technologiques MAPAQ. Botanical index and French index available. Names linked to sets of photographs of various parts of the plants. Descriptions in French.

Rudgers Cooperative Extension, Agricultural Experiment Station, Cook College, State University of New Jersey, USA. Excellent quality thumbnail collection of weed photographs large enough to be meaningful. Front page and English index of names linked to larger photographs and descriptions.

Woods / Timbers

see Trees

Could not find what you were looking for ? Try Jim Parra's Gardening Launch Pad

General vocabulary and translating aids as well as botanical sites


Yvan Terra d'Ys, 1997, Arabic Alphabet. Syria On Line. Arabic characters in GIF form linked to corresponding sounds.

Aachab Atlas, 2001, Plant list (herbs & spices) in Arabic, Berbère, French and Latin. < >.

Botanical Latin

FLORA EUROPAEA, 1998, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, United Kingdom. (Latin with authority names).

International Plant Name Index Query < >. (only botanical names). Type for example "trifolium" in the genus box and see how many species remain to be sorted.

Index Synonymique de la Flore de France, 1999, par J. P. Lonchamp, INRA. < >. Start search THERE.

Latinska Synonymer at Den Virtuella Floran, Naturhistoriska Riskmuseet. Maintained by Arne Anderberg. < > . Start search THERE.

W3TROPICOS Maintained by Solomon Jim, Missouri Botanical Garden's VAST (VAScular Tropicos) nomenclatural database and associated authority files. (Latin with authority names).

USDA-ARS GRIN database. Maintained by Wiersema John H. Dr < > (A number of languages).

Authors' Names On-line Database, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, U.K. Can be searched from an abbreviation to a full name or from the full name to its stabilized abbreviation. There is even an optional search allowing for spelling mistakes. Works best by "Fuzzy Searching" the list of Author names.

Tom Clothier's article "Botanical Binomials - What do Plant Names Mean ?" and "Short Dictionary of Specific Epithets"

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets by Chuck Griffith. 1996 - 1999. The most comprehensive of all sites of this type. < >.


Bulgarian RECHNIK Dictionary by Ivan Vassilev (lexicography) & Dragomir R. Radev ( CGI Scripting). Search engine will search through English, French, Italian and Spanish as well as Bulgarian words and return an equivalent word of each.


Rick Harbaugh's Chinese Character Genealogy Dictionary,

Thomas Chin's graphics-based Chinese Character Dictionary (click on centre of right-hand frame), allows searches in Hakka, Cantonese, Kanji, Mandarin, Pinyin, etc.

Eric Peterson's On-Line Chinese Tools (requires special software) and Chinese Character Dictionary (click on "Char, Dictionary, (UTF-8) in left-hand frame) to get there (give time for the huge table to download). Excellent starting point and does not require special software. Start here with ordinary browsers (giving enough time to download all tiny gifs).

OK88 Bilingual Internet Services' English-Chinese Dictionary. The only dictionary delivering Chinese characters whilst not requiring Chinese font or operating system.

Tiger NT English-Chinese Online Dictionary by H. Xin


Flora Danica Online. A Project by The Danish National Library of Science and Medicine, sponsored by The Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Search < > (Multi-framed system required for operation).

See also Liber Herbarum , Den Virtuella Floran.


De planten-nomenclatuur (The Nomenclature Site) by Guy Dekinder, based in Belgium. Names of many economic plants. Dutch version < > and English version < >.

Mijn Kruiden - Namenlijst Kruiden by Yolanda. Small list of herbs in Latin, Dutch, English, German, French. < >.


Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Estonia by Toomas Kukk. Estonian - Latin indexes, descriptions in Estonian. < >

Enn Savisaar's Index of Estonian Plant Names. < >.



Cheklist of the Vascular Plants of Finland ( based on Kurtto, A. & Lahti, T. 1987: Suomen putkilokasvien luettelo (Checklist of the vascular plants of Finland). - Pamphl. Bot. Mus. Univ. Helsinki 11: I.-VI + 1-163. - erroneous records of the 1987 list have not been corrected). Part II: Aristolochiaceae to Rosaceae <>, Part III: Fabaceae to Cichoriaceae <>. Index per botanical family < >

Markku Savela , 1998. Lepidoptera and Some Other Life Forms. An enormous database on insects, plants and fish (could be useful to the genetic engineers of the world) with English indexes, Finnish indexes and Latin indexes and Swedish names. Some photographs.

See also Den Virtuella Floran.


Index Synonymique de la Flore de France, 1998, par Michel Kerguélen, INRA. <>. Start search THERE. Contains a number of French names but files are very large (not for small machines and old browsers).

Saveurs du Monde. A MSCOMM concept directed by Michèle Serre. A gigantic site with descriptions (in French) of most food ingredients. Quoted as "the greatest French gastronomic site in the world".

See also Swiss


Gernot Katzer's Spice Dictionary contains a very good "Botanical Index" with German names and comments. For the botanically minded only. Others please refer to entry under "Spices" above.

See also Swiss-German.

See also Liber Herbarum , Den Virtuella Floran.


Jacob Richman's My Hebrew Dictionary. Among many others, has sections onFruits, Nuts and Vegetables.

Plants and Judaism by the Department of Plant Sciences, Tel Aviv University. Contains a few beautiful photographs of domesticated plants with names in Hebrew and romanised form.

Album of Plants of Israel. A Latin index and a Hebrew index (requires Hebrew fonts). Some names linked to beautiful photos by Amikam Shoob, Tel-Aviv University.

Hebrew Alphabet by Tracey R. Rich. Sections on transliteration and other information on the language.


Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, < > . Glossary of English, Botanical, and Hindi Names (romanised) of Crops on bottom of this page : < >.

Lessons in Devanagari script, Hindi language by Jishnu Shankar. Includes sounds, script details, vocabulary etc. The Devanagari Alphabet for example < > and basic colours < >


Den Virtuella Floran 1996 to 2000, Naturhistoriska Riskmuseet. Maintained by Arne Anderberg. < > Indexes in Swedish or Latin but many Icelandic names on plant records.


See also Swiss



Breen Jim Prof., 1994 - 1999 Japanese Page includes EDICT, KANJIDIC (Japanese-hiragana-kanji-katakana-romaji) on WWWJDIC server and hundreds of useful resources not limited to Japanese but spilling into Chinese, Korean and more.

Friedl Jeffrey, 1994 - 2000, Japanese <-> English Character Dictionary. (Japanese-hiragana-kanji-katakana-romaji). Probably the most comprehensive resource of all on-line resources for any given language. An extremely useful resource not limited to Japanese but relevant to Chinese and Korean languages. My own preferred setting in USA (many options available).

Friedl Jeffrey, 1994 - 2000, Kanji Lookup site.

Silas S. Brown's "ACCESS-J" A Japanese WWW Page Viewer. This gadget designed for people who do not have a Japanese-capable browser will translate the Japanese scripts into gifs. Copy the URL of a Japanese page minus "http:// " , open Access-J., paste URL into window and hit "Go". Do not forget to replace the standing "http:// " already in that window if you paste in a complete URL.

Ka Ping Yee's SHODOUKA has been resurrected. Having been able to retrieve some pages that ACCESS-J cannot transmit any longer it is worth mentioning this alternative for those like myself who prefer older browsers.


An Introduction to Korean by David J. Eisenberg. An excellent introductory interactive course with the right balance of games, vocabulary, sounds and character displays which DO NOT REQUIRE any special software. Language site providers please take note, this is an excellent example to follow.

Multilingual (European languages + botanical Latin)

EuroDicAutom, Multilingual Terminological Database, European Commission Translation Service. In 11 languages. (Latin, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish). < >.

EUTERPE, European Parliament, TRADOS MultiTerm Web Interface in 12 languages. (Latin, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish).

Kress Henriette, 1994 - 1999, On Line Plant Name Database. English, Finnish, French, German, Latin (no authority name), Swedish.

Allwords English Dictionary with a Multi-Lingual Search (German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish)

DICTSEARCH&emdash; All-in-one dictionary search (Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian,Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish).

LOGOS Dictionary Based in Italy. (handles over 40 languages).

Jennifer Runner's Dictionaries, Grammars and other online Language Resources. Links to hundreds of sites complementing the few on the list you are browsing now.

Multilingual (Indian languages)

Avinash Chopde 1998, ITRANS transliteration package to download or use on-line. Applies to most main languages from India. Links to very useful transliteration tables. New site at "Alkhemy", original site at "Alkhemy".

Jeyachandran Kopinath 1995 - 1998, Tamil language resources, including transliteration tables & sounds.

Languages & Scripts of India. A very comprehensive list of links to sites displaying various scripts of the main languages and many of their regional variations, some including sound. Extended to other Asian languages and Arabic.

Multilingual (parts of the world)

Yamada Language Center 1995 - 1998, Font Archive University of Oregon. Foreign Fonts for both Macintosh and PC and languages resources.


Flora for Karlsøy, Index in Norwegian / Latin linked to photographs.

SVALBARD VASCULAR FLOWERS, some of these plants are relevant to our project, especially Festuca, Poa. < >

See also Liber Herbarum, Den Virtuella Floran.


InterEDEN, 1995 - 1998, Network Plant Database, Botanical Garden, Faculty of Biology, Warszaw University. POLAND. Programming & Design by Maciek Kornacki, All Plant Photos by Iza Kirpluk. < >

VASCULAR PLANTS OF POLAND - A Checklist Prof. Zbigniew Mirek, W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lubicz, Kraków, POLAND. Supported by the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research. Other contributors : Halina PIEKOS-MIRKOWA, Adam ZAJAC, Maria ZAJAC. < >

Pol-Store, 2001, Polish Goods & Herbal Remedies Store. Posting an index of Latin - English - Polish names of herbs & spices. < >.


Base de Dados de Plantas Medicinais. Portuguese (Brazil) names of medicinal plants.

Plantas Medicinais do Ceará by Prof. Fransisco José de Abreu Matos. Brazilian names and Latin. < >.


Characters, transliteration, coding etc., Part of Sinhala Language pages by Kumara Henadeerage


Herbs, Spanish to English translations by Stuart "The Maniac".

Lingolex. An English-Spanish Food Glossary.

Los Arboles En España A subtantial Spanish site, compiled by José Manuel Sánchez de Lorenzo Cáceres, with Latin and Spanish indexes linked to photographs and descriptions in Spanish for a fair range of domesticated plants. Despite its name (Trees of Spain) this site covers more than just trees. Also has a glossary and an etymological dictionary.

Spanish - English - Latin Glossary of Plant Names 1997, by Jeffrey R Nash. A comparatively short list / index with all names on the same set of pages (no searching tool to struggle with) < >.


Bilder ur Nordens Flora. Index Swedish / Latin linked to descriptions in Swedish and illustrations.

Checklista överNordens kärlväxter - Version 1998. by Thomas Karlsson, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet. Very well organised database of Swedish & botanical names and synonyms. Uses 4 frames for best display and searches.

Den Virtuella Floran 1996 to 2000, Naturhistoriska Riskmuseet. Maintained by Arne Anderberg. < > Indexes in Swedish or Latin, Search engine available. Names in Danish, English, German, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian, Photographs.

See also Liber Herbarum.

Swiss (Swiss-German, Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian)

Aeschimann (Dr.) et Heitz (Dr.). Index Synonymique de la Flore de Suisse et Territoires Limitrophes. Centre du Réseau Suisse de Floristique (CRSF). Botanical synonyms : < >, Common names, botanically indexed : < >


Tagalog / Pilipino

Philippine Vegetables - a Sampler. Short lists of Tagalog and English names linked to photographs. Covers some vegetables, fruits and spices.


Selam. 2001, List of Spice Names in Turkish, English, French, German < >.

Many more dictionaries can be found on Robert Beard's A Web of On-Line Dictionaries

General Bibliography

Thousands of names, descriptions, and photographs can be found in hundreds of books. This is only a selection.

Photographs on the WWW
A selection of material of high standard. Many more are linked directly to our individual pages
See also
our own galleries.
Note that any photograph on the WWW is copyrighted and unless it is clearly stated, reproduction in any form is not permitted. Links to those photographs or sites are generally welcome. It is ethical to ask permission before linking but it is also ethical to respond to those requests.


Bamboo photos. A list of sites with high quality photos can be found in our Bamboo pages.

Botany Department, University of Hawaii, Images and Descriptions of Flowering Plant Families. Maintained by Gerald D. Carr. < >

Flowerbase. A Dutch database of photographs of ornamental plants. Common names in 8 European languages. (Pity that the images are overloaded with logos). < >.

Horticopia Plant Information. Basically an elaborated advertisement for the CD "Horticopia CD-ROMS" partially on line. A huge list of photographs by Robert E. Lyons (Dr.), some very good, a pity that they are spoiled by the logo of the publisher. The CD is worth mentioning however because the publisher assures that on the CD itself the logo is not displayed on the photos. < >.

ILGRD, Illustrated Legume Genetic Resources Database. Part of the Illustrated Plant Genetic Resources Database ( IPGRD), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Genebank. Japan. English version : < >, Japanese version : < >. The highest standard of macrophotography applied to seeds. Also quality photographs of flowers and plants, all matched with Japanese and botanical names. Each page with a Japanese version and an English version.

Jean Lehmann's Prelude. Galerie de Photos . A collection of photos for each species listed in the index of botanical names "Liste des Noms des Plants" : < > (This is a long list that may take some time to download (463K). One needs a powerful machine and a fast link to the Internet to handle the collections of photographs on some pages.

Marco Bleeker's Botanic Sorting Machine < >.

Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung. The Max Planck Institute maintains a real display garden (Schaugarten) in Germany as well as a virtual version of that garden on the WWW. An Index of common plant names (in English) leads to pages on each individual crop with photographs of different cultivars and descriptions (in English). < >.

Oklahoma Wild Flowers - Oklahoma Biological Survey by Charles S. Lewallen 1997 - 2000. A large number of excellent macro-photographs. Close-ups of flowers. < >. Index of family common names (in English).

PROSEA - IMAGE collections A large collection in construction complementing the few electronic and printed volumes published by Plant Resources of South-East Asia. < >.

TAMU-BWG Digital Library - Vascular Plant Images. Vascular Plant Image Gallery. Bioinformatics Working Group, Texas A & M University, USA. < > A wide range of plants covered by many contributors. High quality photographs.

W3TROPICOS - IMAGE collections, Missouri Botanical Garden. A large collection complementing and inter-linked with the few botanical databases based at the Garden. < >.


More to come .... Check also all sites in "Groups of Plants", most of them display some photos.

Oh! and by the way, have you seen any of these beaut posters in the shops, schools or public venues in your town and ever wondered where they came from and how to get one for your own kitchen ? Here is at least one source < > ( I love the eggplant one). < > The garlics and the salad greens on black background look pretty good too. Does anyone knows where the corn / maize posters (not available from this source) can be found ?


Politics intrudes into every facet of our lives. The internet is no exception so in order to raise the awareness of the problems and to allow expressions of disagreement here are a few useful links.


Censorship Of the Internet (an American perspective)

Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW

Campaign against Australian Government Censorship (by Bernadette Taylor, with a kinky bias)

Campaign against Australian Government Censorship (by Danny Yee, with an educational bias and links to many related topics)



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