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Dimocarpus confinis (How & Ho) H. S. Lo.

SYNONYM(S) : Pseudonephelium confine How & Ho

CHINESE : Long li.

ENGLISH : False longan.

Dimocarpus fumatus (Bl.) Leenh.

Dimocarpus fumatus (Bl.) Leenh. subsp. calcicola C. Y. Wu

CHINESE : Hui yan xiao shao zi.


Dimocarpus longan Lour.

SYNONYM(S) : Euphoria longan (Lour.) Steudel, Euphoria longana L. , Euphoria longana Lam. , Nephelium longana (Lam.) Cambess., Nephelium longan (Lour.) Hook. , Nephelium long-yan Blume , Nephelium malaiensis Griff.

CHINESE : Long yan, Gui yuan, Yang yan guo shu, Yuan yan.

ENGLISH : Dragon's eye, Dragon's eye fruit, Longan.

FRENCH : Longan, Longanier, Oeil de dragon.

GERMAN : Longane, Longanbaum, Longanbeere.

JAPANESE : Rongan, Ryugan.

MALAY :   Kelengkeng (Indonesia), Lengkeng (Indonesia), Mata kucing.

PERSIAN :  از تیرهٔ ناترکیان.

PORTUGUESE : Olho-de-dragão (Brazil), Longana.

RUSSIAN : Longan.


SPANISH : Longán, Mamoncillo chino (Cuba).

TAGALOG : Alupag (may be Litchi name only).

THAI : Lamyai.

VIETNAMESE : Long nhan.

Dimocarpus longan Lour. subsp. longan

ENGLISH : Cultivated longan.

Most names above can be applied to this subsp.

Dimocarpus longan Lour. subsp. malesianus Leenh.

SYNONYM(S) : Euphoria cinerea (Turcz.) Radlk., Euphoria malaiensis (Griff.) Radlk., Nephelium malaiense Griff.

ENGLISH : Cat's eyes, Isau, Musky Sarawak longan, Small-fruited longan.

MALAY : Mata kucing (Sarawak), Mata kuching ?

VIETNAMESE : Nhan malay.

Dimocarpus yunnanensis (W. T. Wang) C. Y. Wu & T. L. Ming.

SYNONYM(S) : Xerospermum yunnanense W. T. Wang

CHINESE : Dian long yan.

ENGLISH : Yunnan longan.

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