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Notes on the Chinese names of Schizostachyum


Schizostachyum aciculare Gamble (Hô,PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Thai slender bamboo, Thai scrambling bamboo.

MALAY : Buloh akar, Buloh padi.

THAI : Kasian, Lawk.


Schizostachyum blumei Nees (PROSEA,Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Melocanna zollingeri Steudel var. longispiculata Kurz. ex Munro (PROSEA), Schizostachyum longispiculatum (Kurz ex Munro) Kurz (PROSEA)

CHINESE : Zhao wa si lao zhu.

ENGLISH : Borneo schizostachyum.

FRENCH : Schizostachyum de Borneo.

MALAY : Bongulungul (Sabah), Buloh anap (Sabah), Buluh lacau (Brunei, Indonesia), Buluh tamiang (Indonesia), Pring wuluh (Indonesia), Pring jawa, Tombotuon (Sabah).

SUNDANESE : Awi bunar (Indonesia), Awi tamiyang (Indonesia).


Schizostachyum brachycladum (Munro) Kurz (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Melocanna brachyclada Kurz (OHRN), Melocanna zollingeri Steudel var. brachyclada Kurz. ex Munro (OHRN), Schizostachyum brachycladum (Kurz) Kurz (Hô)

ENGLISH : Bali kuning bamboo.

MALAY : Buloh lemang, Buloh nipis, Buloh silau, Buloh telang (Sarawak), Buluh lemang (Indonesia), Buluh nehe (Indonesia), Buluh tolang (North Sumatra), Buluh sero (Moluccas).

SUNDANESE : Awi buluh (Indonesia).

TAGALOG : Buho, Kauayang buho.

THAI : Phai kriap, Phai por, Kriap.



Types : Green-culmed, Yellow-culmed, Stripe-culmed.


Photograph by R. Saporito at Tropical Bamboos.

Photograph by Hans Erken at Earthcare Entreprises.

Photograph at BambooDownUnder, Australia.

Photograph and description at Bamboo world (go down the table to S. brachycladum and "Show Picture" button).< >

Schizostachyum brachycladum (Munro) Kurz var. auriculatum Holttum (OHRN)

ENGLISH : xxx.

Schizostachyum caudatum Backer ex Heyne

MALAY : Bambu buta (Lampung), Buluh bungkok (Indonesia).

Schizostachyum chinense Rendle (Bykov,Xie)

CHINESE : Hua si lao zhu, Tian zhu huang, Tian zhu huang (medicinal name).


Schizostachyum diffusum (Blanco) Merrill (Masman,OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa diffusa Blanco (Masman) , Dinochloa diffusa (Blanco) Merrill (OHRN) , Schizostachyum diffusum (Blanco) Merrill (Masman,OHRN)

JAPANESE : Tsuru dake, Hiiran chiku.

Schizostachyum dumetorum (Hance) Munro (GRIN,Wang,Xie)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa dumetorum Hance ex Walp. (GRIN)

CHINESE : Miao zhu zi, Xi ye miao zhu, Liao zhu.

ENGLISH : Bushy schizostachyum, Thin-leaved schizostachyum.

RUSSIAN : (as Bambusa dumetorum).


Schizostachyum funghomii McClure (Bykov,Wang)

CHINESE : Sha luo dan zhu, Luo zhu.

ENGLISH : Funghom schizostachyum.


Schizostachyum glaucifolium (Rupr.) Munro (GRIN)

ENGLISH : Glaucous-leaved schizostachyum.


Photograph in gallery at BambooDownUnder, Australia.

Schizostachyum gracile (Munro) Holttum (PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Schizostachyum gracile Munro (Hô), Schizostachyum tenue Gamble (Hô)

ENGLISH : Slender schizostachyum, Ornamental schizostachyum.

MALAY : Buloh akar, Buloh rapen, Buluh alar, Buluh giling.


Schizostachyum grande Ridley (PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Malaysian weed-bamboo.

MALAY : Buloh semeliang, Buloh seminyeh, Buluh lemeng (Sumatra).

THAI : Pai marieng.

Schizostachyum hainanense Merrill ex McClure (Wang)

CHINESE : Shan gu luo zhu, Teng zhu.

ENGLISH : Hainan schizostachyum.


Schizostachyum hantu S. Dransf. (PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Sarawak schizostachyum.

MALAY : Buloh hantu (Sarawak).

Schizostachyum helferi (Munro) R.B. Majumdar (IPNI) -> Neohouzeaua helferi (Munro) Gamble (OHRN)

Schizostachyum iraten Steudel (PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Schizostachyum biflorum McClure (PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Bali blowpipe bamboo, Bali schizostachyum, Java schizostachyum, Sumatra schizostachyum.

FRENCH : Schizostachyum de Bali, Schizostachyum de Java, Schizostachyum de Sumatra.

MALAY : Pring wuluh (Java).

SUNDANESE : Awi bunar (Indonesia), Awi tamiyang (Indonesia).

Schizostachyum irratun Kurz (OHRN)

MALAY : Bambu tamiyang (Indonesia).

Could this taxon (specific name) be a synonym of Schizostachyum iraten ? D. Ohrnbereger says that it is of doubtful status.

Schizostachyum jaculans Holttum (PROSEA)

MALAY : Buloh kasap, Buloh sumpitan, Buloh temiang.


Photograph at BambooDownUnder, Australia.

Schizostachyum latifolium Gamble (GRIN,PROSEA,OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Schizostachyum longispiculatum (Kurz ex Munro) Kurz sensu Holttum (PROSEA), Schizostachyum ridleyi (Gamble) Holttum (PROSEA), Ochlandra ridleyi Gamble (PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Large-leaved schizostachyum.

MALAY : Buloh engkalad (Sarawak), Buloh kasap, Buloh kasip (Singapore), Buloh pelupu (Sabah), Buloh pisa (Sarawak), Buluh angkalat, Buluh lacau (Brunei), Buluh nanap, Buluh suling (North Sumatra).

Schizostachyum leviculme McClure


Schizostachyum lima (Blanco) Merr. (GRIN,PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa lima Blanco (PROSEA), Schizostachyum hallieri Gamble (PROSEA)

FRENCH : Bambou de Malaisie à canne rugueuse, Schizostachyum à canne rugueuse.

MALAY : Bambu toi (Indonesia), Buluh toi (Moluccas), Sumbiling (Sabah).


VISAYAN : Bagakai.


Schizostachyum lumampao (Blanco) Merr. (PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambus lumampao Blanco (PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Lumampao bamboo.

FRENCH : Schizostachyum des philippines.

TAGALOG : Buho, Lumampao.

VISAYAN : Bagakan.

Schizostachyum parvifolium Munro (OHRN)

FRENCH : Schizostachyum de Madagascar à petite feuille.

Schizostachyum pilosum S. Dransf. (PROSEA)

MALAY : Buloh pus.

Schizostachyum pseudolima McClure (Bykov,GRIN,Wang)

CHINESE : Si lao zhu, xxxx Sha le zhu, Shan zhu, Su luo dan zhu.

ENGLISH : Common schizostachyum.

FRENCH : Schizostachyum commun de Chine.



Schizostachyum zollingeri Steudel (Hô,PROSEA)

MALAY : Bambu lampar (East-Java), Buloh nipis, Buloh dinding, Buloh telor, Buluh deli, Buluh dingding, Buluh kasap, Buluh kecai, Buluh nipis (Sumatra), Buluh telor (Indonesia), Pring rampal.

SUNDANESE : Awi cakeutreuk (Indonesia).

THAI : Phai miangfai.



Photograph by Hans Erken at Earthcare Entreprises.

Photograph at BambooDownUnder, Australia.


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Complementary / Specific


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"Liao zhu" of Schizostachyum dumetorum (Hance) Munro is represented here according to Wang et al. There is another form of "Liao zhu" given by Xie et al. applied to Indocalamus latifolius (Keng) McClure by both Xie et al. and Wang et al. that may or may not be synonymous. We have assumed that the two forms are indeed synonymous. Feedback on this minor detail would be greatly appreciated.

It should also be noted that the characters "si lao" within the preferred name of Schizostachyum chinense Rendle are not the "si lao" of the generic name, found in both Schizostachyum blumei Nees and Schizostachyum pseudolima McClure.




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