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Fargesia angustissima Yi (OHRN)

CHINESE : You zhu zi.

ENGLISH : Oily bamboo.

Fargesia apicirubens Stapleton

SYNONYM(S) :  Fargesia dracocephala hort., misapplied name

ENGLISH :  Red-tipped fargesia.

Photographs on Chris Stapleton's  Bamboo Identification site.

Fargesia cuspidata (Keng) Z. P. Wang & G. H. Ye (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria cuspidata Keng (Wang), Sinarundinaria cuspidata (Keng) Keng f. (Wang), Sinarundinaria cuspidata (Keng) P. C. Keng (OHRN) , Thamnocalamus cuspidatus (Keng) Keng f. (Wang)

CHINESE : Jian wei xiao zhu, Jian wei jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Kwangsi umbrella bamboo.

Fargesia denudata Yi (OHRN)

CHINESE : Que bao jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Giant panda fodder bamboo.

Fargesia dracocephala T. P. Yi (Staplet.) 

SYNONYM(S) :  Fargesia dracocephala Yi (Masman), Fargesia sp. 'Rufa' hort. (Staplet.) , Thamnocalamus dracocephalus (Yi) Dem. (Masman)

CHINESE : Long tou zhu.

ENGLISH : Hardy dragon bamboo, Dragon-head bamboo, Dragon’s head bamboo.


Photograph by Jed Doty & description (in English) at The Bamboo Garden Nursery (USA).
Photographs on Chris Stapleton's  Bamboo Identification site (UK).

Fargesia dracocephala Yi 'White Dragon'

Photograph by Jed Doty & description (in English) at The Bamboo Garden Nursery (USA).

Fargesia edulis Hsueh & T. P. Yi

SYNONYM(S) :   Borinda edulis (Hsueh & T. P. Yi) Stapleton

CHINESE :    空心箭竹   Kong xin jian zhu

FRENCH : Fargesia à jets comestibles.

Fargesia ferax (Keng) Yi (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria ferax Keng (OHRN), Sinarundinaria ferax (Keng) P. C. Keng (OHRN )

CHINESE :  Feng shi jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Prolific chinacane.

Fargesia fractiflexa Yi (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Sinarundinaria fractiflexa J. J. N. Campbell (OHRN )

CHINESE : Sao ba zhu.

ENGLISH : Broom bamboo.

Fargesia murielae (Gamble) T. P. Yi (GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria murielae Gamble (GRIN) , Arundinaria spathacea (Franchet) D. McClint , Fargesia spathacea Franchet (W3TROPICOS) , Sinarundinaria murielae (Gamble) Nakai (GRIN), Thamnocalamus spathaceus auct. (GRIN)

CHINESE : Xiao zhu, Shen nong jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Umbrella bamboo, Giant panda fodder bamboo, Shennong arrow bamboo.

GERMAN : Gartenbambus, Schirmbambus (as F. spathacea).


Photograph of flower by Jed Doty at The Bamboo Garden Nursery (USA).
Photograph of whole plant by Ned Jaquith at The Bamboo Garden Nursery (USA).

Fargesia murieliae (Gamble) T. P. Yi 'Leda'

GERMAN : Leda-Schirmbambus.

Fargesia nitida (Mitford ex Stapf) Keng f. ex T. P. Yi (GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria nitida Mitford (Wang) , Arundinaria nitida Mitford ex Stapf (GRIN), Sinarundinaria nitida (Mitford) Nakai (Wang) , Sinarundinaria nitida (Mitford ex Stapf) Nakai (GRIN), Sinoarundinaria nitida (Mitford) Nakai (Bykov)

CHINESE :  Jian zhu, Hua xi jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Fountain bamboo, Glossy-leaved chinacane, Hardy blue bamboo, Subalpine bamboo.

GERMAN : Fontänenbambus.

RUSSIAN : Fargeziya blestyashaya, Sinarundinaria blestyashaya, Sinoarundinaria blestyashaya.


Photograph (whole plant) by Peter Meeuws at Bamboe.

Fargesia papyrifera T. P. Yi

SYNONYM(S) :  Borinda papyrifera (T. P. Yi) Stapleton

CHINESE :    云龙箭竹   Yun long jian zhu.

FRENCH : Bambou à papier de Chine, Bambou à papier de Yunnan.

Fargesia pauciflora (Keng) Yi (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria pauciflora Keng (OHRN) , Sinarundinaria pauciflora (Keng) P. C. Keng (OHRN)

CHINESE : Shao hua jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Giant panda fodder bamboo.

Fargesia robusta Yi (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Thamnocalamus robustus (Yi) J. P. Demoly (OHRN )

CHINESE : Guai gun zhu.

ENGLISH : Walking-stick bamboo.

Fargesia rufa Yi (OHRN)

CHINESE :   青川箭竹  Qing chuan jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Giant-panda fodder-bamboo.

Note: This is not the cultivar 'Rufa'

Fargesia scabrida Yi (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Sinarundinaria scabrida J. J. N. Campbell (OHRN )

CHINESE : Cao hua jian zhu, Huang zhu, Kong xin zhu.

ENGLISH : Coarse-flowered hollow bamboo, Rough-flowered hollow bamboo.

Fargesia spathacea Franch. (GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria sparsiflora Rendle (Wang), Thamnocalamus spathaceus (Franchet) Soderstrom, Thamnocalamus spathaceus (Franchet) C.D. Chu & C.S. Chao (Wang), Thamnocalamus spathaceus (Franch.) Söderstr. (GRIN)

CHINESE : Xiao zhu, Jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Umbrella bamboo, Common umbrella bamboo.

RUSSIAN : Fargeziya pokryval'tsevaya, Tamnokalamus pokryval'tsevyi.


Considered by some authors as a synonym of Fargesia murialiae (Gamble) T. P. Yi

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A beautiful photo of a Fargesia sp. called "Jiu zhai gou" on Peter Meeuws' site needed to be identified by a botanist, and now needs official publication. It is "semi-recognized" by D. Ohrnberger as a cultivar of F. nitida : Fargesia nitida (Mitford ex Stapf) Keng f. ex T. P. Yi 'Jiuzhaigou'

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