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Ecballium elaterium (L.) A. Rich

SYNONYM(S) : Momordica elaterium L.

DANISH : Æselagurk, Springagurk.

DUTCH : Springkomkommer, Spuitaugurk .

ENGLISH : Squirting cucumber.

FRENCH : Concombre d'âne, Momordique sauvage, Concombre sauvage.

GERMAN : Spritzgurke, Eselsgurke, Echte Springgurke .

ITALIAN : Schizzetto, Elaterio, Cocomero asinino, Momordica selvatica .

PORTUGUESE : Pepino-de-S.Gregório, Pepino-selvagem.

SPANISH : Chombrillo amargo, Pepino de lagarto, Pepinillo del diablo, Calabacilla amarga.

Momordica balsamina L.

SYNONYM(S) : Momordica muricata ?

CHINESE : Jiao ku gua.

ENGLISH : Balsam apple, Bitter apple.

FRENCH : Concombre balsamite, Courgette africaine, Pomme de merveille, Margose à pomme de merveille, Momordique à feuilles de vigne.

GERMAN : Balsamapfel.

ITALIAN : Pomo meraviglia.

JAPANESE : Not "Reishi" as this is litchi (a fruit).

MALAY : Peria, Peria kechil, Periok.

NEPALESE : Karelaa.

PORTUGUESE : Balsâmina-de-purga.

SPANISH : Balsamina.

Momordica charantia L.

SYNONYM(S) : Momordica muricata Willd.

BURMESE : Kyethinkhathee.

CHINESE : Ku gua (Cantonese Fu gwa, Foo gwa, Foo kwa), Jin li zhi, Lai pu tao, Ku gua ye, Ku gua ye (Cantonese Foo gwa yip for leaves), Kor kuey (Hokkien - Singapore).

DANISH : Balsamagurk, Balsamaeble.

DUTCH : Balsempeer.

ENGLISH : Balsam pear, Leprosy pear, Leprosy gourd, Bitter gourd, Bitter cucumber.

FINNISH : Karvaskurkku.

FRENCH : Margose (Réunion, Mauritius Islands), Margose amère, Momordique amère, Concombre amer, Concombre africain.

GERMAN : Balsambirne, Bittergurke, Balsamgurke.

HINDI : Karela, Kerela, Tita kerala.

ITALIAN : Pomo meraviglia, Momordica amara.

JAPANESE : Niga uri, Nigai uri, Tsuru reishi, , Tsuru reishi.

KHMER : Mreah.

LAOTIAN : Bai maha, Haix, S'aix.

MALAY : Peria, Daun peria (leaves), Peria laut, Peria katak, Paré (Java), Peparé (Java), Paria (Indonesia).

NEPALESE : Karelaa, Tito karelaa.

SINHALESE : Karavila, Karawila, Pakal, Pavakai.

SPANISH : Bálsamo, Calabaza africana, Cundeamor, Momordica amarga, Pepino amargo.

SWEDISH : Bittergurka.

TAGALOG : Ampalaya.

TAMIL : Pava aki.

THAI : Maha, Mara, Phakha.

VIETNAMESE :, , La khoqua (leaves).

VISAYAN : Palia.

Other names of uncertain origin (probably derived from Hindi) : Carilla gourd, Karel, Karela, Karella, Kerela.


Attractive photograph of seeds at the Cucurbitaceae - Cucurbits Network.
of fruits at ACCE$$ to A$IA
Photograph of inedible fruit
by Botanički VrtPMFa  in Zagreb, Croatia.
of edible leaves at ACCE$$ to A$IA
Photograph of fruit in Japan by
Shigenobu AOKI .

Momordica charantia L. (Long-fruited Group)

SYNONYM(S) : Momordica charantia L. var. maxima Williams & Ng, Momordica charantia L. (White-fruited Group).

CHINESE : Bai ku gua, Bai guo ku gua.

ENGLISH : Long-fruited bitter cucumber.


Types : White-fruited, Green-fruited.

Photograph of green-fruited type by Shigenobu AOKI .
Another photograph in Japan showing fruit, leaves, and flowers.

Momordica charantia L. (Short-fruited Group)

SYNONYM(S) : Momordica charantia L. var. minor Naud., Momordica charantia L. var. minima Williams & Ng, Momordica muricata ?

CHINESE : Xiao ku gua, Xiao guo ku gua.

ENGLISH : Short bitter gourd, Fat bitter gourd, Indian bitter gourd, Green bitter gourd.

FRENCH : Melon de San Gaetano, Poire de merveille.

SPANISH : Balsamito, Cohombrillo amargo.

Types : Green-fruited only.

Momordica charantia L. (Thin-fruited Group)

ENGLISH : Thin bitter cucumber, Thin bitter gourd, Indian bitter gourd.

Types : Green-fruited only.


Photographs of leaves and fruits in one of our galleries, showing inside of fruit at edible & inedible stages.

Momordica charantia L. (Wide-fruited Group)

ENGLISH : Spindle-shaped bitter cucumber, White-rind bitter gourd, Oblong bitter gourd, Oblong-shaped bitter gourd.

JAPANESE : Shiro reishi, .

Types : White-fruited, Green-fruited.

Small photograph of both types in Taiwan.
Photograph of white fruit.
Attractive shot of white fruit
at the Cucurbitaceae - Cucurbits Network.

Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) Spreng.

SYNONYM(S) : Muricia cochinchinensis Lour., Momordica mixta Roxburgh, Momordica macrophylla Gage

ASSAMESE : Bhat kerala.

CHINESE : Mu bie, Tu mu bie, Mu bie gua, Teng tong, Mu bie zi, Da ye mu bie zi.

ENGLISH : Spiny bitter-cucumber, Chinese bitter-cucumber, Chinese-cucumber.

FRENCH : Margose à piquants.

HINDI : Kakur, Kantola, Kakrol.

ITALIAN : Cetriolino spinoso.

JAPANESE : Mokube tsushi.

KHMER : Makkao.

LAOTIAN : Khaawz.

MALAY : Pupia (Indonesia), Teruah, Torobuk (Indonesia).

NEPALESE : Jhuse karelaa.

SINHALESE : Tumba karavila.

SPANISH : Pepino amargo espinoso, Pepinillo del diablo, Cundeamor.

TAGALOG : Buyok buyok.

THAI : Phak khao (Fak khaao, Fak kao), Khika khrua.


Other names of uncertain origin (probably derived from Hindi or Assamese) : Bhat karela, Bhat kerala, Kakola, Kakrol, Kakur, Kantola.

Other names from the Philippines : Paruk paruk (Llocano), Taboguak (Bicol).

Momordica cylindrica L. -> Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.

Momordica dioica Roxb. ex Willd.

CHINESE : Yun nan mu bie, Shan ku gua.

ENGLISH : Spine gourd.

FRENCH : Margose de Ceylan.

HINDI : Kaksa.

NEPALESE : Saano tite karelaa.

SINHALESE : Tumba karawila.

TAMIL : Tumpai, Palupakkai.

Momordica elaterium L. -> Ecballium elaterium (L.) A. Rich.

Momordica luffa L. -> Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.

Momordica subangulata Blume

SYNONYM(S) : Momordica eberhardtii Gagnepain

CHINESE : Ao e mu bie.

MALAY : Kamas, Kambas (Indonesia).

THAI : Phakmae.



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