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Rorippa amphibia (L.) Besser

SYNONYM(S) : Armoracia amphibia (L.) Peterm., Radicula amphibia (L.) Druce

DANISH : Vandpeberrod.

DUTCH : Gele waterkers.

ENGLISH : Great yellowcress, Great yellow-cress.

FINNISH : Vesinenätti.

FRENCH : Rorippe amphibie.

GERMAN : Wasser-Kresse, Wasser-Sumpfkresse.

POLISH : Rzepicha ziemnowodna.

SWEDISH : Vattenfräne, Vattenkrasse, Vattenrättika, Vattensenap.

Rorippa austriaca (Crantz) Besser

SYNONYM(S) : Armoracia austriaca (Crantz) Wimmer, Nasturtium austriacum Crantz

DANISH : Østrigsk guldkarse.

ENGLISH : Austrian fieldcress, Austrian yellow-cress, Field yellow-cress.

FINNISH : Etelännenätti.

GERMAN : Österreichische Sumpfkresse.

SWEDISH : Klotfräne.


Rorippa benghalensis (DC.) Hara

THAI : Phàk kàat náam beng kon (Phakkat nam bengkon).


Rorippa cantoniensis (Lour.) Ohwi

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium microspermum DC., Rorippa microsperma (DC.) L.H. Bailey, Rorippa microsperma (DC.) Vass.

CHINESE : Guang zhou han cai, Xi zi han cai(as R. microsperma).

ENGLISH : Canton rorippa, Cantonese yellow cress, Small-seeded cress.

FRENCH : Cresson sauvage de Canton.

JAPANESE : Ko inu garashi.


Rorippa dubia (Pers.) Hara

ENGLISH : Thai watercress.

THAI : Phàk kàat náam.

Rorippa indica (L.) Hiern

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium indicum (L.) DC., Nasturtium montanum Wall., Rorippa sinapis (Burm.) Ohwi & Hara, Sinapis patens Roxb., Sisymbrium indicum L.

CHINESE : Han cai, Yin du han cai.

JAPANESE : Inu garashi.

THAI : Phàk kàat náam dok lueng (Phakkat nam dok lueang).


Rorippa islandica (Oeder) Borbás

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium palustre (L.) DC., Rorippa islandica (Gunnerus) Borbas, Rorippa islandica (Oeder ex Murray) Borbas, Rorippa palustris (L.) Besser , Rorippa palustris (Leyss.) Besser, Sisymbrium islandicum Oeder

CHINESE : Zhao sheng han cai.

DUTCH : Moeraskers.

ENGLISH :  Iceland marsh cress, Marsh cress (USA), Marsh yellow cress, Northern marsh cress (U.K.).

FRENCH : Rorippe à petites fleurs, Rorippe d'Islande (Canada).

GERMAN : Ufer- Sumpfkresse.

ITALIAN : Crescione d'islanda.

JAPANESE : Sukashita gobou.

POLISH : Rzepicha blotna (as R. palustris).

PORTUGUESE : Agrião das fontes.

SPANISH : Rabano acuático.


Rorippa palustris (L.) Besser

SYNONYM(S) : Rorippa islandica auct., Sisymbrium amphibium var. palustre L.

ENGLISH :  Marsh cress (USA), Marsh yellow cress, Northern marsh cress (U.K.).


This may well be the species above ( Rorippa islandica).

Rorippa sessiliflora (Nutt.) Hitchc.

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium sessiliflorum Nutt. , Radicula sessiliflora (Nutt.) Greene

ENGLISH : Southern yellow-cress (USA), Stalkless yellow-cress.



Rorippa sinuata (Nutt.) Hitchc.

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium sinuatum Nutt., Radicula sinuata (Nutt.) Greene

ENGLISH : Spreading yellow-cress, Western yellow-cress.


Rorippa sylvestris (L.) Besser

SYNONYM(S) : Nasturtium sylvestre (L.) R. Brown, Sisymbrium silvestre L., Rorippa silvestris Smith

CHINESE : Ou ya han cai.

DANISH : Vej-guldkarse.

ENGLISH :  Creeping yellow cress (Canada), Creeping yellow field cress, Yellow field cress. 

FINNISH : Rantanenätti, Rikkanenätti.

FRENCH : Cresson des bois (Canada), Cresson sauvage, Rorippe sylvestre (Canada), Rorippe des forêts.

GERMAN : Wald-Sumpfkresse, Wilde-Sumpfkresse.

ITALIAN : Crescione radicina.

JAPANESE :   Kireha inu garashi.

NORWEGIAN : Vegkarse.

PORTUGUESE : Agrião silvestre.

SWEDISH : Strandfräne.





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