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Urtica angustifolia Fischer ex Hornem.

SYNONYM(S) :   Urtica dioica L. var. angustifolia (Fischer ex Hornem.) Ledeb.,  Urtica foliosa Blume

CHINESE :   狭叶荨麻   Xia ye qian ma.

ENGLISH :  Narrow-leaved nettles.

JAPANESE :   ホソバイラ クサ   Seiyou irakusa.

KOREAN :  가는잎쐐기풀 .

Urtica cannabina L.

SYNONYM(S) :   Urtica cannabina L. f. angustiloba Chu

CHINESE :  麻叶荨麻  Ma ye qian ma.

ENGLISH :  Hemp nettle.

FRENCH :  Ortie à feuille de chanvre.

GERMAN :  Sibirische Hanfnessel.

JAPANESE :    ネットル  Nettoru,  ウルティカ・カンナビナ Urutika kanabina.

POLISH :  Pokrzywa konopiolistna, Pokrzywę konopiolistną.

RUSSIAN :  Крапива коноплевая   (Krapiva konoplevaja).

Urtica dioica L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Urtica major Kanitz, Urtica hispida DC., Urtica pubescens Ledeb.  

ARABIC :  Hhurrayq, Qurrays.

CHINESE :  异株荨麻    Yi zhu qian ma

CZECH :  Kopřiva dvoudomá.

DANISH :  Brændenælde, Brænde nælde, Hede-nælde, Stor nælde, Tvebo nælde.

DUTCH :   Grote brandnetel.

ENGLISH :  Bull nettle, Common nettle, Edible nettle, European nettle, Great nettle, Greater nettle, Nettle, Stinging nettle.

FINNISH :   IsonokkonenNokkonen, Viholainen.

FRENCH :  Epinard des Grecs, , Epinard des turques, Grande ortie, Ortie, Ortie brûlante, Ortie dioïque, Ortie dioïque d'Europe (Canada), Ortie élevéeOrtie grièche, Ortie piquante.

GERMAN :  Große Brennessel.

GREEK :  Κνίδη  Knidi,   Τσουκνίδα  Tsouknitha (Tsouknida).

ITALIAN :  Grande ortica, Ortica, Ortica comune, Ortica grande, Ortica maschia, Ortica vivace, Orticone.

JAPANESE :  セイヨウイラクサ  Seiyou irakusa.

NORWEGIAN :  Brennesle, Stornesle.

POLISH :  Pokrzywa pospolita, Pokrzywa zwyczajna.

PORTUGUESE :  Ortiga, Urtiga, Urtigão  (Brazil), Urtiga-maior (Brazil), Urtiga-mansa (Brazil), Urtiga-vermelha (Brazil).

RUSSIAN :  Крапива двудомная  (Krapiva dvudomnaja).

SPANISH :  Ortiga, Ortiga grande, Ortiga mayor, Chichicaste.

SWEDISH :  Brännässla.

TURKISH :  Büyük ısırğan otu.

Urtica dioica L. subsp. afghanica Chrtek

SYNONYM(S) :  Urtica dioica L. subsp. xingjiangensis C. J. Chen

CHINESE :  尾尖异株荨麻   Wei jian yi zhu qian ma.

Urtica dioica L. subsp. dioica

SYNONYM(S) :   Urtica gracilis Aiton var. latifolia Farw., Urtica dioica L. subsp. hispida (DC.) Nyman, non J. Chrtek, Urtica dioica L. var. hispida (DC.) Gren., Urtica dioica L. var. vulgaris Weddell, Urtica hispidula Cariot, Urtica javalambrensis Pau, Urtica nebrodensis Gasparr., Urtica platyphylla Wedd., nom. illeg., Urtica platyphylla Wedd., non D. Don,  Urtica tibetica W. T. Wang

FINNISH :  Etelännokkonen. 

JAPANESE :  エゾイラクサ   Ezo irakusa (as U. platyphylla Wedd.).

SWEDISH :  Vanlig brännässla.

Most common names applied to the species apply to this subspecies. If one trusts most authors, so are the synonyms, although U. platyphylla appears to be problematic.

Urtica dioica L. subsp. galeopsifolia (Wierzb. ex Opiz) Chrtek

SYNONYM(S) :  Urtica galeopsifolia Wierzb. ex Opiz

ENGLISH :  Fen nettle (U.K.), Fenlands nettle, Narrow-leaved nettle, Stringless nettle.

Urtica dioica L. subsp. gracilis (Aiton) Selander

SYNONYM(S) :  Urtica californica Greene,  Urtica cardiophylla Rydb., Urtica dioica L. var. angustifolia Schltdl., Urtica dioica L. var. californica (Greene) C.L. Hitchc., Urtica dioica L. var. gracilis (Aiton) Roy L. Taylor & MacBryde, Urtica dioica L. var. lyallii (S.Watson) C.L. Hitchc., Urtica dioica L. var. procera (Muhl. ex Willd.) Wedd., Urtica gracilis Aiton, Urtica lyallii S. Watson, Urtica lyallii S. Watson var. californica (Greene) Jeps., Urtica major H.P. Fuchs, Urtica procera Muhl. ex Willd., Urtica serra auct. non Blume, Urtica strigosissima Rydb., Urtica viridis Rydb.

California nettle.
Urtica dioica L. subsp. gansuensis C. J. Chen

CHINESE :  甘肃异株荨麻   Gan su yi zhu qian ma.

Urtica dioica L. subsp. holosericea (Nutt.) Thorne

SYNONYM(S) :  Urtica holosericea Nutt.

Urtica ferox G. Forst.

ENGLISH :  Killer nettle, Ongaonga (Maori - New Zealand), Ongaonga tree, Tree nettle.

FRENCH :  Ortie arbustive, Ortie brûlante géante, Ortie de Nouvelle-Zélande, Ortie Ortie en arbre, Ortie toxique.

Urtica hyperborea Jacq. ex Wedd.

ENGLISH :  Himalayan nettle.

FRENCH :  Ortie de haute altitude, Ortie du Bhoutan, Ortie du Pakistan, Ortie du Tibet.

HINDI :  Awaiting feedback.

Urtica incisa Poir.

ENGLISH :  Scrub nettle.

FRENCH :  Ortie d'Australie.

Urtica pilulifera L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Urtica balearica L. , Urtica cordifolia Moench, Urtica dodartii L., Urtica integrifolia Savigny

ARABIC :  Angurah,  Nabât en nâr, Qurrays.

DANISH :  Romersk Nælde.

DUTCH :  Kleine brandnetel.

ENGLISH :  Roman nettle.

FINNISH :  Pallonokkonen.

FRENCH :  Ortie à pilules, Ortie romaine.

GERMAN :  Pillen-Brennessel, Pillennessel, Römische Nessel.

HINDI :  Awaiting feedback.

HUNGARIAN :  Római csalán, Szedercsalán.

ITALIAN :  Ortica romana.

NORWEGIAN :  Romersk nesle.

POLISH :  Pokrzywa pigułkowata.

TURKISH :   Isırğan otu.

Urtica tuberosa Roxb.

TELUGU :  పిల్లి   Pilli,  పిల్లిదుంప   Pilli dumpa.

Urtica urens L.

SYNONYM(S) : Urtica minor Lam., Urtica ovalifolia Stokes

ARABIC :  Sha'r el 'agûz.

CHINESE :  欧荨麻   Ou qian ma.

DANISH :  Brænde-nælde, Liden nælde, Lille brænde-nælde, Lille nælde.

DUTCH :  Broeinetel, Kleine brandnetel.

ENGLISH :  Annual nettle, Burning nettle,  Dog nettle,  Dwarf nettle, Lesser nettle, Small nettle, Stinging nettle.

FINNISH :  Polttiainen, Rautanokkonen. 

FRENCH :  Petite ortie, Ortie brûlante.

GERMAN :  Kleine Brennessel.

GREEK :   Κνίδη η καυστηρά   Knidi i kanstira.

HUNGARIAN :  Apró csalán, Árvacsalán, Kis csalán.

ITALIAN :  Ortica ardente, Ortica minore, Ortica piccola, Ortica pungente, Ortica pungentissima, Piccola ortica.

JAPANESE :  ヒメイラクサ    Hime irakusa.

NORWEGIAN :  Smånesle.

POLISH :  Pokrzywa żegawka.

PORTUGUESE :  Urtiga-branca, Urtiga-menor, Urtiga-queimadeira.

RUSSIAN :  Крапива жгучая  (Krapiva žgučaja).

SPANISH :  Ortiga menor, Ortiga romana.

SWEDISH :  Etternässla.

TURKISH :  Küçük ısırğan otu.


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