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Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :


Arundinaria armata Gamble (IPNI) -> Chimonobambusa armata (Gamble) Hsueh & Yi (OHRN)

Arundinaria chino (Franch. & Sav.) Makino -> Pleioblastus chino (Franch. & Sav.) Makino

Arundinaria chino (Franch. & Sav.) Makino f. angustifolia (Mitford) C. S. Chao & Renvoize -> Pleioblastus chino (Franch. & Sav.) Makino f. angustifolius (Mitford) Muroi & H. Okamura

Arundinaria chrysantha Mitford (GRIN) -> Pleioblastus chino (Franch. & Sav.) Makino 'Chrysanthus'

Arundinaria fangiana A. Camus (Bykov, Wang) -> Bashania faberi (Rendle) Yi A (OHRN)

Arundinaria fargesii E.G. Camus -> Bashania fargesii (Camus) P. C. Keng & Yi A (OHRN)

Arundinaria funghomii McClure (GRIN,Wang)

CHINESE : Xiao li zhu.

Arundinaria gigantea (Walter) Muehlenb.

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria gigantea (Walter) Muehlenb. subsp. tecta (Walter) McClure, Arundinaria macrosperma Michx. , Arundinaria tecta (Walter) Muehlenb. , Arundinaria tecta (Walter) Muehlenb. var. decidua Beadle

ENGLISH : Giant cane, Switch cane.


Arundinaria graminea (Bean) Makino -> Pleioblastus gramineus (Bean) Nakai

Arundinaria lima (McClure) C.D. Chu & C.S. Chao (Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Semiarundinaria lima McClure (Wang)

CHINESE : Hai nan qing li zhu.

ENGLISH : Hainan bamboo cane.

Arundinaria pubiflora Keng (Bykov,Wang) -> Pseudosasa pubiflora (Keng) Keng f. (Wang)

Arundinaria pygmaea (Miq.) Asch. & Graebn. (GRIN) -> Pleioblastus pygmaeus (Miq.) Nakai (GRIN,OHRN)

Arundinaria pygmaea (Miq.) Asch. & Graebn. var. disticha (Mitford) C. S. Chao & Renvoize (GRIN) -> Pleioblastus pygmaeus (Miq.) Nakai ' Distichus' (OHRN)

Arundinaria racemosa Munro

SYNONYM(S) :  Fargesia racemosa (Munro) T. P. Yi,  Sarocalamus racemosus (Munro) Stapleton,  Yushania racemosa (Munro) R. B. Majumdar.

CHINESE :  总花冷箭竹   Zong hua leng jian zhu.

Arundinaria sat Balansa (OHRN) -> Sinobambusa sat (Balansa) C. S. Chao & Renvoize (OHRN)

Arundinaria scabriflora (McClure) C.D. Chu & C.S. Chao (Bykov,Wang) -> Oligostachyum scabriflorum (McClure) Z. P. Wang & G. H. Ye (OHRN)

Arundinaria simonii (Carrière) Rivière & C. Rivière (CNWG) -> Pleioblastus simonii (Carrière) Nakai (CNWG)

Arundinaria variegata (Siebold ex Miq.) Makino (GRIN) -> Pleioblastus variegatus (Siebold ex Miq.) Makino (GRIN)

Arundinaria viridistriata (Regel) Makino ex Nakai (GRIN) -> Pleioblastus viridistriatus (Regel) Makino (GRIN)

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